Review of Energy Efficiency Assessment and Advice

II Aspire has been working with professionals across the heritage and retrofit industries to develop the National Occupational Standards in Energy Efficiency Assessment and Advice in older and traditional buildings.
Starting: 09/01/2024 12:00
Ending: 02/02/2024 17:00

II Aspire are now consulting on the content of the National Occupational Standards to ensure that they reflect industry best practice and what someone in the role needs to know and be able to do to carry out their job. We are therefore keen to hear the views of as many practitioners as possible, to make sure the content is relevant and fit for purpose.

II Aspire are particularly keen to hear from Retrofit Assessors, Retrofit Designers and Retrofit Coordinators and others who assess older and traditional buildings and provide advice on Energy efficiency measures.

Your input is hugely valuable and will help to define the Standards which will be used to shape courses and qualifications, job descriptions and other talent management tools for individuals, companies, trainers and educators.

The online consultation should take about 10 minutes to complete and can be accessed by clicking the button at the side of the screen. The consultation will be running from now until 5pm on 26 January 2024. Please answer the consultation questions in as much detail as possible, reflecting your experience and current role.

Revised standards document

If you have any questions about the consultation, please contact

II Aspire greatly appreciate you taking the time to participate and have your say.


Please see the link to the consultation below: