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Anwybyddu Gorchmynion y Rhuban
Neidio i'r prif gynnwys

Darganfyddwr NOS

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Use office equipment in accordance with occupational regulations and safety guidelines7247924/02/21 13:36:3414 and Administration
Manage office facilities, resources and equipment7247824/02/21 13:36:3213 and Administration
Store, share, retrieve and archive information7247724/02/21 13:36:30 InstructusBusiness and Administration
Carry out and analyse research 7247624/02/21 13:36:27 and Administration
Support and maintain information systems7247524/02/21 13:36:25 and Administration
Prepare and maintain contracts7247424/02/21 13:36:23 and Administration
Organise and run meetings7247324/02/21 13:36:21 and Administration
Organise and coordinate business travel and accommodation7247224/02/21 13:36:193 and Administration
Organise and coordinate corporate events 7247124/02/21 13:36:17 InstructusBusiness and Administration
Develop and deliver a presentation7246924/02/21 13:36:157 InstructusBusiness and Administration