Sort and prepare recyclable materials for re-processing

URN: euswo46
Business Sectors (Suites): Waste Resource Operations Management
Developed by: Energy & Utility Skills
Approved on: 01 Nov 2017


This standard is for those who sort and prepare recyclable materials in readiness for re-processing. This includes ensuring that recyclable materials are the correct quality and that any documentation is completed as well as identification of materials which are not suitable

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. identify materials that are suitable for processing and confirm that

    they conform to the required quality standards

    1. carry out the required sorting methods and processing methods in

    accordance with approved procedures and practices

    1. identify materials suitable for recycling and those that cannot be

    recycled and separate and treat in accordance with

    approved procedures and practices

    1. prepare, check, maintain and use equipment for sorting and

    processing materials for recycling within area of own responsibility

    1. select and use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) in

    accordance with approved procedures and practices

    1. respond to any incidents during operations promptly, safely and

    appropriately in accordance with approved procedures and practices

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

You need to know and 1. the different methods of sorting recyclable materials

  1. the processes required to recycle certain materials

  2. your role and responsibilities during re-processing and sorting work

  3. the reasons certain materials are suitable and not suitable to be

    recycled and how to treat non-recyclable material

  4. the equipment needed to sort and process materials for recycling and

    how to prepare, check maintain and use it within area of own


  5. your own responsibilities and implications for your own work in

    accordeance with health, safety and environmental legislation

  6. the importance of asking for assistance if a problem arises

  7. the range of personal protective equipment (PPE) required during

    processing and sorting work

  8. the hazards and risks associated with machinery used for sorting

    and preparing materials for processing


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01 Nov 2021





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Energy & utility skills

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Public Service and other Associate Professionals, Public Services

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Sort; Prepare; Recyclables; Materials; Processing