Maintain the security of waste management facilities

URN: euswo13
Business Sectors (Suites): Waste Resource Operations Management
Developed by: Energy & Utility Skills
Approved on: 01 Nov 2017


This standard defines the competence required in maintaining security of the premises and the equipment and materials used there. It involves following the required entering and leaving procedures, being aware of possible breaches of security and reporting and resolving any security problems that may arise. This standard is for those who have

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Maintain the security of the premises, equipment and material

  1. maintain personal visibility in poor light conditions when opening and

    securing premises

  2. ensure the integrity of the access to the premises on arrival and

    follow the correct entering procedures

  3. carry out a general visual check of premises internally and externally

    for areas of concern

  4. store equipment and materials safely and securely when not in use

  5. ensure plant and equipment - not stored in a secure place - are

    immobilised when not in use

  6. turn off lights and power supplying equipment not required for


  7. follow the correct exit procedures - including setting alarm systems

    that are fitted - and secure the premises

  8. carry out all work in accordance with safe working procedures

    Use and communicate data and information

  9. comply with operational procedures or guidelines for maintaining

    security of equipment and information

  10. report any actual, or potential, breaches of security in accordance

    with operational procedures

  11. ensure spare keys for access to the facility, and for vehicles and

    equipment kept on site, are correctly labelled and securely stored in a

    designated place off site

  12. ensure records of consumable resources used, and held in stock,

    are up- to-date

  13. report any excesses, shortages or recording errors for consumables

    stored on site to the designated person

    Resolve problems which arise from maintaining security

  14. report to the supervisor any damaged or insecure gate, doors, or

    window locks or catches to be repaired or replaced to enable the

    premises to be secured when not in use

  15. report to the supervisor lights that are not working to be restored to

    full working order

  16. report to the supervisor damage to the facility, or security

    equipment, to be repaired In accordance with operational procedures

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:


  1. the classifications and types of waste

  2. the potential hazards associated with different wastes

  3. how to identify work-related hazards and risks

  4. details of operational procedures and documentation

  5. how to work with colleagues and other people and resolve


  6. how to use personal protective equipment (PPE) in line with



  7. operational procedures and why it is important to comply with them

  8. your job responsibility and when to report to managers


  9. entering and leaving procedures for the facility

  10. how to recognise and report suspicious occurrences

  11. how to recognise and report breaches of security

  12. what information about the organisation is confidential

  13. why information about clients and visitors should be kept


  14. how to check use of consumable resources

  15. how to immobilise machinery and equipment

  16. other methods of securing equipment and materials

  17. location and security of keys for vehicles and plant


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01 Nov 2021





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Energy & utility skills

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Public Services, Public Services and Care

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Maintain; Security; Waste; Management; Facilities; Lone worker; Securing; Equipment; Materials