Manually clear snow and treat highways and land for ice

URN: eusw012
Business Sectors (Suites): Waste Resource Operations Management
Developed by: Energy & Utility Skills
Approved on: 01 Nov 2017


This standard is about clearing snow and ice from highways and then treating them for ice manually using equipment such as brushes and shovels. It is important that all work is completed in a way that does not cause damage to the environment and possible personal harm to others. This standard is for those who keep the highways free from

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Treat and Clear snow and ice from highways and land

  1. follow all health and safety and work procedures and instructions

    throughout the treating and clearing process

  2. use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in accordance with

    organisational procedures

  3. deploy any specified traffic measures for the task

  4. check the condition of the area that needs to be treated in

    accordance with work instructions and the amount of treatment


  5. select and use clearance and treatment methods and equipment

    that are fit-for-purpose and are in accordance with work instructions

  6. clear and remove loose snow to designated place in accordance

    with work instructions and environmental regulations and requirements

  7. scatter the treatment evenly in a way that will prevent freezing

  8. avoid scattering the treatment beyond the area to be treated

  9. leave the finished area in a condition that is as safe as possible for

    other users of the highway/land

  10. communicate the completion of the work activity to designated


  11. carry out your job responsibilities and report to managers all

    incidents outside of own responsibility

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:


  1. how to identify work-related hazards and risks

  2. details of operational procedures and documentation

  3. how to work with colleagues and other people and resolve


  4. operational procedures and why it is important to comply with them

  5. how to use personal protective equipment (PPE) in line with



  6. the limits of the job responsibility and when to report to managers

  7. how to work safely on or near the highway and any specific

    measures that must be put in place including traffic measures and


  8. why you must check the type and amount of treatment required

  9. the various removal processes are and how they may vary according

    to the type and amount of snow or ice

  10. where loose snow should and should not be cleared to

  11. the different methods for gritting and salting

  12. the types of risks that users of surfaces could be faced with and

    how to decide how much treatment is necessary to reduce these risks

  13. the problems that you may find during treatment the correct action

    to take

  14. Your job responsibilities and when to report to managers


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01 Nov 2021





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Energy & utility skills

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Public Services, Public Services and Care

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Manually; Snow; Clear; Treat; Highways; Ice; Clearance methods; Treatment; Removal processes