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Business Sectors (Suites): Sound Production (Film & TV)
Developed by: ScreenSkills
Approved on: 31 Jan 2017


This Standard is about providing talkback systems for productions. These are essential to provide good communication between all members of a production team.  Providing talkback systems involves designing systems that make the best use of existing systems, optimising intelligibility and separation between circuits, explaining to users how the systems will operate, and keeping accurate records of what you have done.

This Standard will apply to anyone who is involved in providing talkback systems for productions.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. confirm requirements for talkback systems with appropriate people
  2. check that required resources are available within budget constraints
  3. suggest viable alternatives when requirements cannot be met
  4. recommend talkback facilities which make best use of existing systems, and which conform to accepted practice
  5. provide talkback systems within operational constraints
  6. confirm that talkback systems optimise intelligibility and separation between circuits
  7. make sure talkback systems comply with relevant radio frequency licensing requirements at all times
  8. agree operational protocols with appropriate personnel
  9. give users accurate and clear information about operational arrangements and protocols
  10. provide items of equipment for personal use which are safe, clean, hygienic and acceptable to the user
  11. produce accurate, legible paperwork and labels, in required formats​

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. how to elicit, agree and summarise communication requirements for talkback systems and their technical and cost implications
  2. criteria for assessing the feasibility of requirements, and how to make a fair assessment
  3. likely sources of interference to third parties, and what action to take to eliminate or reduce them
  4. how to minimise crosstalk within talkback systems, and between talkback systems and programme circuits
  5. the characteristics and performance potential of telephone, intercom and talkback systems
  6. the ergonomics of equipment layout
  7. why and how to use dual-purpose programme or communication circuits
  8. how to assess the need for compliance and confirm that relevant radio frequency licensing laws are adhered to
  9. safety legislation relating to communications equipment and how to implement them, including sound levels in headphones or earpieces
  10. how to identify alternatives when resources are not available, or when they are too costly
  11. how to present assessments, proposals and suggestions for improvement
  12. how to apply knowledge and experience of previous set-ups to the current set-up
  13. procedures for establishing and clearing circuits, and how to implement them efficiently
  14. formats for documentation and labelling​


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