Oversee and maintain costume continuity

Business Sectors (Suites): Costume for Film, TV and Theatre Productions
Developed by: ScreenSkills
Approved on: 30 Mar 2021


‚ÄčThis standard is about your ability to manage and oversee costume continuity.

This may involve ensuring costumes meet the design brief at the start of a shoot, managing junior colleagues, setting up and maintaining continuity information, ensuring costumes appear as they were at the end of the previous take, taking remedial action when scripted or unscripted events occur, presenting and agreeing actions with the decision makers and checking completed continuity records.

This standard may be applicable to costume supervisors or managers.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. review the production script, schedule, design brief and costume breakdown
  2. ensure the costume and accessories comply with the overall look required

  3. develop a costume continuity plan

  4. check performers appearance against the costume continuity breakdown
  5. set up, communicate and maintain the continuity recording process
  6. approve performers' dress at commencement of shooting
  7. monitor performers' dress throughout the production
  8. ensure the costume at the beginning of a new take appears the same as it was at the end of the previous take
  9. estimate possible scripted and unscripted occurrences which might impact on performers' costumes
  10. confirm required changes to costumes as a result of unscripted events during shooting
  11. ensure changes are approved and are made in accordance with the script
  12. follow on-set etiquette when maintaining continuity including rules on the use of mobile phones or other modes of communication
  13. brief staff on the production, on set etiquette and continuity processes
  14. provide sufficient resources for creating reliable continuity records prior to the commencement of, and throughout, the shoot
  15. monitor continuity on set throughout the production
  16. ensure that continuity information is gathered promptly and without intrusion
  17. confirm that continuity details are from reliable sources when not present at a take
  18. check and approve completed costume continuity records
  19. make records accessible to yourself and relevant staff
  20. ensure confidentially rules and procedures are followed
  21. communicate effectively with production staff and other relevant departments or individuals

  22. follow health and safety legislation and guidelines at all times

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. ‚Äčthe production script, schedule, design brief and costume breakdown and the continuity implications
  2. setting up, formatting, and maintaining continuity information
  3. costume appearance assessment throughout the production
  4. how to identify and anticipate scripted and unscripted occurrences that could impact upon the costume requirements or condition of the costume
  5. how to communicate costume changes and how to achieve them
  6. on set behavior and etiquette
  7. recording resources and equipment
  8. methods to record and maintain continuity details
  9. how to deliver instruct and guidance to junior colleagues
  10. confidentially rules and procedures
  11. production staff and departments involved and the communication protocol
  12. statutory responsibilities under health, safety and environmental legislation and regulations


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