Work in a safe and effective way in a workshop

Business Sectors (Suites): Physical Special Effects
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Approved on: 01 Mar 2017


This Standard is about your ability to work effectively, safely and legally in a workshop environment. It will involve creating or upholding a safe workshop space that may be permanent or temporary, and maintaining the health and safety of yourself and the crew you work with at all times. It also involves ensuring that the space is clean, organised and well managed in order to execute your work. This could also include setting up a dry hire space to be able to deliver the necessary work in an effective manner, including cleaning up and returning the area to its previous state. It assumes you have a knowledge and experience of working collaboratively as part of a team. This Standard is for you if you work in a workshop environment.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. ensure that workshop space is secure and inaccessible to

    unauthorised people at all times within your level of authority

    1. ensure that the working environment is safe and compliant with

    current legislation at all times

    1. ensure equipment and materials are stored in the appropriate

    locations when not in use

    1. liaise with appropriate production personnel regarding any

    necessary assessment of risk

    1. ensure that all utilities and appliances are fitted and used in a safe

    manner, compliant with health and safety legislation

    1. monitor and maintain documentation of all safety parameters in

    the workshop in line with requirements, providing documentation

    to others when required

    1. ensure that all extraction systems are in place and operating in a

    safe, compliant manner

    1. confirm, by liaising with production, that appropriate levels of

    insurance are in place

    1. provide documentation about insurance to relevant people when


    1. ensure that equipment is maintained to required standards

    2. ensure that equipment maintenance records are complete and up

    to date, with test certificates provided

    1. provide appropriate waste disposal and recycling systems in line

    with current legislation and good working practice

    1. use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure Health and

    Safety of self and others in the workshop

    1. document all aspects of risk assessment and management in

    required formats, providing this to others when required

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the importance of being familiar with the equipment you have, or

    are taking into, the work area

    1. the parameters of your role in the working environment and the

    equipment it is safe for you to use

    1. the location of utility supplies, their suitability and safeness

    2. how to load and unload heavy equipment safely

    3. how to liaise with production regarding any necessary risk

    assessments and the impact they will have on the workshop


    1. the wide range of Health and Safety measures for working in a

    workshop environment and the legislation with which you must


    1. the electrical set up of the building and the impact that will have

    on the work carried out there

    1. the air, fume and dust extraction equipment in place in the


    1. how to ensure the safe storage of materials in the workshop

    2. the assured security of the building to ensure inaccessibility to the

    general public at any time

    1. how to create safety parameters within the workshop space,

    including, but not limited to, trip hazards and barrier tape

    1. how to identify and store dangerous and hazardous substances


    1. how to create and manage the workshop space and ensure that it

    remains clean and organised at all times

    1. who is responsible for maintaining the equipment and

    maintenance records

    1. the importance of using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in a

    workshop environment

    1. how to manage waste disposal and recycling in line with current

    legislation and good working practice

    1. the different insurance requirements for temporary and permanent

    workshop spaces

    1. how to clarify what is covered within the production or company


    1. how your own and others actions contribute to the organisation of

    the workshop space


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