Supervise, instruct, and train cast and crew for the use of props on productions

Business Sectors (Suites): Props for Productions
Developed by: ScreenSkills
Approved on: 30 Mar 2022


​This standard is about instructing and training cast and crew on how to use props during productions.

This standard is about gathering information about the use of props and about demonstrating and monitoring the use of props where appropriate.

Props can be either those that have been hired or those that belong to the production company, or all of these. They may include props like specialised food preparation, power tools, computers, and mobile phones.

This standard may be suitable for the role of Props master and Standby props master and Prop hand.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. schedule time with cast and crew for training in the use of props
  2. explain the characteristics and method of operation of all props
  3. demonstrate to cast and crew the operation and use of props
  4. provide cast and crew opportunities to ask questions and seek clarification on the use of props
  5. observe and correct cast and crew using props  
  6. inform all relevant personnel when performers are using props in a manner likely to cause damage or danger
  7. test the operation of working props before the shooting begins
  8. record the need for continuity in the use of props
  9. in liaison with other departments, collect props from cast and crew before they leave the set

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. ​different types of props, their characteristics, and operating methods
  2. the importance of explaining, and methods for demonstrating the use of props
  3. how to plan and deliver appropriate training in the use of props and equipment
  4. how to train cast and crew in the safe use of props
  5. how to inform other departments about the requirements for the safe use of props
  6. how to deal with difficulties and hazards associated with some props
  7. what actions to take when props are handled improperly and without due attention to safety
  8. how to test the operating effectiveness of props and what to do when they are not fit for purpose
  9. how to repair props and what actions to take when repairs cannot be completed within production deadlines
  10. how to maintain continuity records, and log the allocation of props for each scene
  11. the health and safety legislation, regulations, and protocols


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