Plan and monitor the manufacture of props to meet production needs

Business Sectors (Suites): Props for Productions
Developed by: ScreenSkills
Approved on: 30 Mar 2022


​This standard is about identifying the requirements for manufacturing props from script breakdowns in house or outsourced. It is about planning and scheduling the manufacturing requirements and monitoring progress.

This standard may be suitable for the role of Props master. *

*This is a generic term and not gender specific.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. ​identify the requirements for props from script breakdowns
  2. liaise with all other departments, suppliers or manufacturers when required to identify prop requirements for each scene
  3. justify having props made or manufactured
  4. analyse information sources to identify manufacturing requirements
  5. prepare estimates of the materials, tools, and equipment for the manufacture of props
  6. identify the characteristics of the materials and confirm requirements with decision makers
  7. schedule the manufacturing of props to make them available when required, allowing sufficient time for contingencies
  8. obtain materials and make supply arrangements, so that manufacturing can be completed to the agreed deadline
  9. identify the tasks and skills required to manufacture props, and assign appropriate personnel to manufacturing tasks
  10. confirm the availability, safety, and security of manufacturing facilities
  11. monitor and review manufacturing operations to confirm that the number and quality of props meets requirements, and that they are produced to agreed deadlines
  12. record and file monitoring information, to inform future manufacturing operations
  13. use monitoring information to provide other decision makers with progress reports
  14. identify factors affecting quality, output and the overall schedule and put contingencies in place
  15. comply with health and safety legislation, regulations, and protocols

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. ​methods of identifying requirements for manufacturing props from script breakdowns
  2. criteria for assessing the need to make props
  3. the manufacturing requirements and deadlines
  4. sources of information about manufacturing companies, and their capabilities
  5. how to prepare estimates of materials, tools, and equipment
  6. how to keep accurate records and reports of props manufactured
  7. how to plan for contingencies
  8. how to determine the skills required to make props
  9. the required manufacturing facilities, including their safety features 
  10. different manufacturing methods and how to select the most suitable method
  11. how to deal with factors affecting quality, output, and the schedule
  12. the relevant health and safety legislation, regulations, and protocols


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