Control technical quality in post production

Business Sectors (Suites): Post Production
Developed by: ScreenSkills
Approved on: 01 Jan 2017


This Standard is about creating technically satisfactory content, maintaining Standards that will satisfy the expectations of the clients and the audience for the commercial environment and the different media in which it will be viewed. This Standard should apply to anyone who is involved with controlling technical quality.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. identify technical expectations and requirements of clients from

    reliable sources

    1. agree schedule, time and budget requirements with relevant


    1. specify technical detail that complies with quality expectations and

    technical requirements

    1. make critical judgments about video and audio quality against

    expected artistic and technical standards

    1. assess content against technical quality specification and

    recommend work to remedy elements that do not meet


    1. make necessary adjustments to content to achieve technical and

    legal compliance

    1. find compromises that are acceptable to clients, where elements

    are hard to remedy or cannot be funded

    1. prepare quality assessment reports, documenting technical

    compliance exceptions and justification in line with company


    1. advise relevant people on further post production needs and


    1. maintain security for files and other materials in line with company


Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. how viewers look at content and take in visual and audio


    1. how to assess video and audio quality to expected artistic and

    technical standards

    1. the benefits and disadvantages of automated quality control

    devices including which fault conditions they can reliably detect

    and which they cannot

    1. techniques and equipment for manipulating shots and scenes

    2. conventions for storing and naming files

    3. principles of management of metadata and its importance

    4. principles of standard and non-standard deliverables, file formats,

    digital interconnectivity and elements of audio and video signals

    1. how to measure critical elements of audio and video signals

    2. computer and data network configuration

    3. the contributions that can be made to the technical quality of a film

    by post production colleagues

    1. current viewing standards and current professional, national and

    international standards of delivery and expressions of best

    practice for the range of platforms and content

    1. technical compliance and legal requirements

    2. processes of Quality Assessment Review

    3. company systems for storage, back up and security


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