Set and manage ongoing client expectations

Business Sectors (Suites): Post Production
Developed by: ScreenSkills
Approved on: 01 Jan 2017


This Standard is about client handling: maintaining a relationship with clients in which they feel confident about the production or post production process and realistic about what it can achieve within the constraints of time and budget. This Standard could apply to anyone involved with post production.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. behave ethically in your dealings with clients and develop

    relationships that demonstrate trust, mutual respect, commitment

    and cooperation

    1. check clients expectations of projects and your part in them are

    realistic at the beginning of the project and as it progresses

    1. use reliable information to determine clients levels of

    understanding of processes and related tasks

    1. help clients understand the workflow and schedule and how they

    are affected by their decisions and information they provide

    1. base your decisions and communication to clients on the needs of

    their project and the expertise you can offer on post production

    1. give clients sufficient information for them to understand the

    feasibility and implications of requests for change that they make

    1. feed-back to clients as soon as possible if things occur which will

    affect schedule, budget or quality propose solutions on which you

    and clients can agree in terms of cost, process and quality, when

    changes or extras are required

    1. keep records of expectations, conversations and agreed actions

    in formats expected by your organisation

    1. feedback to others inside and outside the organisation, aspects of

    client relationships that are relevant to them

    1. identify opportunities to develop new or existing client

    relationships that will benefit your organization

    1. maintain security of files and other material in line with company


Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. clients needs and priorities and how to understand their needs

    beyond their initial suggestions

    1. the workflow, schedule and budget

    2. current viewing standards and current professional, national and

    international standards of delivery and expressions of best

    practice for the range of platforms and content

    1. company criteria and processes for managing client relationships

    2. the benefits and disadvantages of different ways of

    communicating with people and how to communicate clearly both

    orally and in writing

    1. how to anticipate changes in clients understanding or


    1. how to positively communicate necessary adaptations to

    agreements and changes to products

    1. how to present answers to questions and proposals that clients

    will understand

    1. how to identify problems and risks, mitigate risks and what to do

    when things go wrong

    1. how to explain the impact of problems and risks and what is

    feasible and what is not

    1. how to involve clients in joint problem solving

    2. how to identify the feasibility and calculate the impact and cost of

    changes at different stages of projects

    1. methods of collaborative working

    2. how to act as a moderator between people who take different

    points of view

    1. company systems for storage, back up and security


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