Advise a potential client on a post production project

Business Sectors (Suites): Post Production
Developed by: ScreenSkills
Approved on: 01 Jan 2017


This Standard is about helping a potential client achieve a realistic understanding of what can be achieved for their project within time, budget and technical feasibility. It entails explaining to them what is possible honestly and without criticising their request. It also involves anticipating the various ways in which the project can be developed. This Standard could apply to anyone in post production who liaises with clients on potential work.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. clarify your understanding of requests, enquiries or possible

    projects using information from reliable sources of expertise

    1. identify what clients need to know about cost, time and technical

    requirements in order to progress projects

    1. estimate what is available for post production using information

    from clients overall budgets

    1. identify possibilities in terms of technical feasibility, workflows,

    costs and timings which are consistent with what clients wants to


    1. explain possibilities, implications and constraints to clients in

    positive ways

    1. seek technical advice from relevant colleagues when necessary to

    advise clients

    1. find solutions that meet clients needs and that have features and

    benefits that will be attractive to them, when there are obstacles to

    them achieving what they want

    1. provide information to clients that is valid, complete and relevant

    2. maintain security for information in line with company


Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the technical capabilities of the facility and the people available

    1. current viewing standards and current professional, national and

    international standards of delivery and expressions of best

    practice for the range of platforms and content

    1. sources of expertise about possible projects and how to access


    1. how long different processes and workflows take and their costs

    2. workflow planning and choice

    3. the problems and risks associated with different kinds of project

    4. how to identify changes in production that could make significant

    savings in post production

    1. creative contributions that the people available can make to a


    1. who to consult for further information or guidance on different

    types of project and technical requirements

    1. how to understand potential clients needs beyond their initial


    1. how to identify if clients expectations on delivery are achievable

    2. how to determine the best processes to follow to produce the

    main delivery requirement

    1. how to present answers to questions and proposals in ways that

    potential clients will understand

    1. company systems for storage, back up and security


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