Secure financial resources for film or television productions

Business Sectors (Suites): Production (FILM and TV)
Developed by: ScreenSkills
Approved on: 31 Mar 2019


Standard covers the procedures behind securing funding for the production. 

is necessary to identify which funding sources are realistically available to
you and/or the production company. These could include sponsorship, product or
prop placement, crowd funding, tax breaks, national or regional financial
incentives or co-production treaties.

will need to know how to budget a production, and be aware that an initial
budget may have cuts enforced upon it.

resources could be for development funding and/or funding for some or all of
the production depending on the circumstances and constraints in place.

Standard is for those involved in securing production financing.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. evaluate
    all available evidence to ensure projected costings are accurate

  2. base
    decisions about securing financial resources on available financial
    information  and production requirements

  3. consult
    experts at appropriate times to verify production details 

  4. use
    reliable sources of information to research and identify possible investors and
    relevant forms of funding for productions

  5. identify
    valid tax breaks and financial incentives which may be available to the
    production company

  6. collaborate
    with potential co-production companies at appropriate times to secure funding
    from outside the UK

  7. specify
    criteria and procedures to be followed for contingency purposes in accordance
    with organisational requirements

  8. check
    that all necessary documentation relating to planned productions is presented
    in line with organisational requirements 

  9. make a
    case for funding that promotes understanding and highlights clear advantages to

  10. identify
    areas of budgets which can be negotiated or relinquished in order to secure

  11. check
    that any funding proposals meet planned objectives, targets and are in line
    with specific broadcaster tariffs

  12. negotiate
    financial arrangements and production rights to ensure the best deal for productions
    and the production company

  13. hold
    and maintain records on all contracts and agreements in line with
    organisational requirements

  14. approach
    distributors and sales agents for expertise on market and audience viability at
    the earliest opportunity

  15. include valid information about market and audience viability in finance

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

1     how to evaluate an initial budget using industry tools and accurate calculations of costs 2     the potential markets for production ideas and those which would be most attractive to potential investors 3     the main sources and ranges of investment which are available in the appropriate sector 4     when and how to use product placement and props placement to finance productions 5     when and how to use sponsorship to finance productions 6     when and how to use crowd funding to finance productions 7     tax breaks and financial incentives available to productions 8     how to identify where non-UK sources of funding exist for potential co-productions 9     how co-production treaties operate 10   the different tariffs applied by broadcasters to productions 11   how to negotiate rights and which areas of the budget can be released in order to secure it 12   artistic and audience demands projects can claim to fulfil 13   how to estimate the timescales, technical demands and their implications on production schedules and budgets to enable the preparation of full proposals 14   the importance of having, and being able to make use of, contingency planning for finance 15   how to prepare and present a clear rationale to potential investors or partners for funding 16   negotiation strategies to use when agreeing financial arrangement 17   how to research sources and investment and identify the most appropriate to approach 18 how to approach distributors and sales agents at the earliest opportunity to assess the project for market and audience viability


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