Assist management of production filming

Business Sectors (Suites): Production (FILM and TV)
Developed by: ScreenSkills
Approved on: 31 Mar 2019


This Standard involves providing the required range of support to performers and contributors for production filming.  
It is about liaising between departments and contributors, distributing information and appropriate paperwork to ensure that the production runs smoothly and cast and crew are in the correct location at all times.
It is also about knowing where key individuals are at all times and ensuring they are on set at the required time.
It involves dealing with a range of people and knowing how to work with different personalities to achieve the agreed goal. It is also about explaining the filming process to those who may be unfamiliar and putting them at ease.
This Standard is for Production Co-ordinators, 1st Assistant Directors, 2nd Assistant Directors and Production Managers.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. confirm that call sheets and other paperwork for crew have been distributed when required

  2. brief cast at appropriate times on studio or location codes of practice, and any health and safety requirements

  3. co-ordinate transport to ensure the swift and effective movement of cast and crew between set and base

  4. ensure that signs and notices explaining and specifying access requirements and restrictions are clear and visible 

  5. keep the production and relevant people informed of shot progress, and of  any potential delays and changes to schedules

  6. relay clear cues as directed to artistes and contributors

  7. make sure background action is set up as directed  

  8. co-ordinate runners on set, giving instruction or delegating supervision of relevant tasks to meet production requirements

  9. maintain accurate records of artistes on set, and of meal and wrap times in line with contract requirements

  10. confirm that adequate transport is available at the required times during the filming day

  11. give relevant departments advance warning of the final set so they can prepare for the wrap

  12. stand in for, and take over floor in line with instructions from production management

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. departmental requirements from cast and crew

  2. details of any location codes of practice or health and safety requirements to communicate to cast

  3. needs of artistes and crew during stand by, rehearsals and takes

  4. how to communicate sensitively with artistes and contributors

  5. the demands which will be placed on production personnel

  6. the importance of communications and issuing these to relevant people

  7. how to communicate sensitively, effectively and efficiently with artistes, contributors and on set departments

  8. how to set up, or assist in setting up, background action

  9. the importance of promptly passing on information regarding cast’s release times

  10. how to store information relating to the production securely and in line with production requirements 

  11. the implications of current legislation and regulations covering data protection

  12. the importance of acting promptly on instructions

  13. the implications, for a variety of departments, of decisions made on set 

  14. factors likely to cause delay to production activities

  15. how to relay cues 

  16. what is required in terms of background action

  17. the importance of monitoring the whereabouts of cast and crew when they are not on set

  18. how to cater for cast and crew with access or specific  needs

  19. budgetary implications  on the use of contributors

  20. how to take over the management of the floor if instructed by production management


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30 Mar 2022





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Screen Skills (formerly Creative Skillset)

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Arts, Media and Publishing, Production Managers, Production Coordinator

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