Co-ordinate logistics for cast and crew

Business Sectors (Suites): Production (FILM and TV)
Developed by: ScreenSkills
Approved on: 31 Mar 2019


This Standard involves acting as the main point of liaison between members of the production crew, the production office, and cast.  
It is about compiling daily call sheets, selecting extras, liaising with costume and make-up for call times, and ensuring that artistes have their call times for the next day.

This Standard is for 2nd Assistant Directors, Production Co-ordinators and Production Secretaries.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. consult with appropriate departments to prepare, compile and amend daily call sheets 

  2. liaise with the production office at appropriate times to issue call sheets

  3. confirm that appropriate arrangements have been made for travel and accommodation for non-local artistes

  4. establish next day requirements of costume, make-up, caterers and other relevant departments and use this information to finalise call times for the following day

  5. communicate daily call times to all relevant people and departments

  6. inform cast and crew that you are the main point of contact in line with production requirements

  7. give colleagues clear and accurate information about what is required of them in providing information for schedules and call sheets

  8. notify crew and cast of any last-minute changes to call sheets after wrap without delay

  9. maintain constant communication links with the production office in line with production requirements 

  10. negotiate with cast and crew about tasks above and beyond their regular duties in line with production requirements 

  11. co-ordinate the constant movement of contributors through required departments in line with production requirements

  12. ensure contrbutors are ready when required in relation to the call sheet and needs of the set  

  13. prepare and implement plans to ensure that long-term scheduling needs are on target

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. how to offer support to cast, crew, and contributors, including chaperones and tutors where appropriate

  2. how to deal effectively with cast, crew, and contributors of differing temperament

  3. how to select and use appropriate production tools

  4. how to read casting advice notes in relation to the schedule

  5. how to select and book background extras

  6. what is required by costume, make-up, art department and facilities in relation to cast

  7. the production requirements on set 

  8. likely causes of delays and re-scheduling

  9. the importance of informing the production office of any changes to the call sheet and progress on set, including prompt call on wrap

  10. how to co-ordinate the movement of artistes and supporting artistes on set to ensure they are ready at the required time 

  11. which activities need to be co-ordinated on both a daily and long term basis to ensure effective running of a production

  12. how to negotiate with cast and crew in a sensitive manner 


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30 Mar 2022





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Screen Skills (formerly Creative Skillset)

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Arts, Media and Publishing, Production Managers, Production Coordinator

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