Co-ordinate production resources – kit and equipment

Business Sectors (Suites): Production (FILM and TV)
Developed by: ScreenSkills
Approved on: 31 Mar 2019


This Standard involves co-ordinating production resources for the project. It is about liaising with all departments to ascertain their needs, and agreeing priorities with senior personnel.  

It involves making bookings and processing orders, checking prices and making arrangements for obtaining the resources needed.  This is particularly important for location filming.

You will need to make sure the production offices run in accordance with any guidelines or stipulations around low carbon impact and complete the required documentation and processes when sending equipment overseas.

This Standard is for Production Co-ordinators.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. set up appropriate systems for managing production resources 

  2. collate and compile information about resources required by different departments and at different stages of the production process 

  3. arrange for resources to be shipped overseas in line with production requirements

  4. complete shipping documents to meet destination requirements 

  5. advise insurers when freighting resources and distribute a shipping schedule with deadlines and advice to all relevant people

  6. ascertain from all departments whether they require resources to be purchased and waiting for them on foreign locations  

  7. liaise with location personnel to ensure that these materials exist in location and are of adequate quality.

  8. work in line with customs requirements of destination and departure points

  9. conduct discussions with departments in a manner which promotes good working relationships

  10. compare prices from a number of alternative suppliers, and obtain what is needed at the lowest price available for the quality required by productions 

  11. determine what resources are needed and which suppliers to use in line with organisational policies and legal obligations

  12. confirm with production managers that requirements are within budget limits

  13. confirm who is responsible for moving and storing resources with all relevant parties

  14. procure recording materials and storage media in consultation to meet camera departments requirements

  15. keep a log verifying that the amount and movement of stock and camera equipment is accurate

  16. note any special additional resources used on the daily production report, and report any losses or damages

  17. monitor and report a low carbon footprint throughout the production

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the importance of using production resources effectively

  2. the nature and priority of the activities which occur in the various stages of the production process

  3. the quantity and types of resources required for different stages of the production process

  4. how different environments, formats and types and scales of production affect the nature and quantity of resources required

  5. what resources will be required for any overseas filming or shooting 

  6. how to research and identify best value when ordering production resources 

  7. the organisational policies and legal requirements which apply to obtaining resources

  8. the appropriate documentation to use when ordering resources

  9. arrangements for moving and storing resources

  10. the relevant customs requirements for overseas delivery

  11. the appropriate documentation to use when returning resources to suppliers (return notes) when reporting a loss or damage claim.

  12. how to ensure the production maintains a low carbon footprint and the means by which to achieve this

  13. the requirements of post production facilities throughout the production process


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