Organise pre-production activities on film or television productions

Business Sectors (Suites): Production (FILM and TV)
Developed by: ScreenSkills
Approved on: 31 Mar 2019


This Standard involves organising pre-production activities from the production office, as well as organising and preparing for the shoot. This is to ensure that the pre-production stage runs as smoothly as possible.

It is about understanding priorities, and knowing how to plan for contingencies.  It involves making various plans and arrangements, communicating with relevant bodies, and liaising with appropriate authorities.

This Standard is for those involved with pre-production activities including production managers, production co-ordinators and assistant directors.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

1. break scripts down to ascertain production needs 2. set up and equip production office and assistant director’s office so they are suitable to meet production requirements  3. liaise with relevant departments to ensure that equipment, people and facilities are in place to match the schedule requirements for the base 4. plan and schedule pre-production activities to meet production requirements  5. arrange production meetings and technical recces to meet requirements 6. supervise the implementation of pre-production activities against plan 7. develop and implement appropriate contingency plans to address factors that may affect the time-tabling of activities 8. negotiate with education authorities, agents and production office so that that child licenses are obtained 9. identify chaperones and tutors to meet requirements 10. check the accuracy of schedules against casting advice notes 11. organise and carry out selection processes to obtain appropriate background contributors 12. distribute extras’ breakdowns and costume fittings lists to the appropriate departments without delay 13. communicate changes to scheduled activities to all relevant people without delay 14. communicate and confirm details of call sheets with all relevant departments 15. create and store Health and Safety files and all other necessary certifications in line with organisational procedures

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

1. how to break down a script for relevant information 2. how to identify what resources are required for productions 3. how to suitably equip a production office 4. pre-production activities that need to be planned and scheduled including rehearsal schedule, fittings schedule and tutoring 5. how to identify training and tutoring requirements of cast and crew  6. how to evaluate and select suitable training providers 7. how to create and manage a pre-production rehearsal and fittings schedule in order to satisfy the needs of various departments 8. how to arrange production meetings and technical recces as required 9. what various departments will require in pre-production in relation to cast members 10. factors that may delay production and pre-production activities 11. the importance of meeting deadlines 12. licensing laws governing child working permits, and the appropriate bodies and timescales involved in processing them 13. the different approaches taken by each Local Education Authority and when necessary, how to arrange court appearances to confirm responsibility for minors 14. who should receive extras’ breakdowns, rehearsal schedules and fitting schedules 15. special requirements at unit base for location filming in a variety of circumstances and filming conditions 16. special requirements for foreign filming and how to prepare carnets 17. arrangements for UK work permits for cast and technicians 18. the importance of compiling accurate contact details of, and information about, cast and crew 19. the need for accurate supporting documentation 20. how to prepare the Health and Safety file and any other certifications  21. the implications of current legislation and regulations covering data protection


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