Assess and select lighting requirements for film and TV

Business Sectors (Suites): Lighting for Film and TV
Developed by: ScreenSkills
Approved on: 29 Mar 2020


​This standard is about planning and scheduling the lighting equipment needed for the production, selecting and specifying the electrical equipment from contractors including plant (such as access equipment) and other required machinery.

This standard also covers end of production duties relating to electrical equipment and ensuring that the Best Boy and others know about any changes to the production schedule that can impact on the electrical equipment requirements.

This standard is for those working as Lighting Technicians, Best Boys and Gaffers.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. ​determine the quantities and types of materials and electrical equipment required for the production ensuring it meets budget and planned location requirements
  2. identify a schedule of work including deadlines and communicate these to the relevant people
  3. order the materials and electrical equipment to ensure arrival on location in accordance with the schedule
  4. check that the materials and electrical equipment arriving on location meet the production requirements and are in line with production sequencing
  5. identify and record problems and communicate the details to the relevant people
  6. communicate any changes to the schedule to the Best Boy and relevant people so they can ensure the electrical equipment is adequate for such changes
  7. confirm the removal of electrical equipment at the end of the production
  8. ensure all breakages and missing equipment is recorded and the relevant people are notified
  9. prepare, complete and hand over final documentation on the production to the relevant people following agreed procedures

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the scope, scale and requirements of the production and aspects for which you are responsible
  2. the importance of pre-planning for the production
  3. the importance of preparing a schedule for the production in a sequence to ensure effective completion
  4. how to determine quantity, type and logistical arrangements of materials and electrical equipment in line with budgetary requirements
  5. the importance of briefing the Best Boy, crew and outside contractors in detail about the production and its requirements
  6. the documentation required for lighting equipment contractors, cost control and for recording possible production scheduling problems
  7. the importance of dealing with problems promptly and seeking agreement on variations
  8. the importance of record keeping
  9. how to keep records and prepare final documentation


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