Manage the health and safety of lighting crews

Business Sectors (Suites): Lighting for Film and TV
Developed by: ScreenSkills
Approved on: 29 Mar 2020


​This standard is about overseeing the health and safety of lighting crews during a production on location. It also covers conforming with current legislation for production administration, organisation, planning and ongoing risk assessment in order to maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

This standard is also about communicating effectively with other colleagues about work activity and with the team about the procedures and other work occurring at the work location.

This standard is for those working as Gaffers.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. check that your health, safety and welfare responsibilities are consistent with contracts legislations and organisational policies and procedures as well as production specific requirements and agreed location procedures
  2. communicate your health, safety and welfare responsibilities to relevant production personnel
  3. conduct and deliver a risk assessment to the production and the lighting crew
  4. establish safe systems of work in place that that meets health and safety legislation, organizational policies and procedures and also complies with all risk assessments
  5. ensure that statutory notices appropriate to the hazards and risks are displayed
  6. ensure that personal protective equipment, safety equipment and resources comply with health and safety legislation
  7. ensure that personal protective equipment is available in sufficient quantities and are immediately accessible to those who may need them
  8. ensure that powered access equipment is installed and used in accordance with instructions and regulations
  9. monitor the work of your team to ensure they are carrying out their work safely
  10. review and update risk assessment in accordance with organisational procedures
  11. maintain records to contribute to future decision making regarding amendments to risk assessments

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. health, safety, welfare and employment responsibilities and liabilities of you and your team / crew
  2. the importance of appointing first aiders and communicating this to your team / crew
  3. principles of risk assessment
  4. the importance of continually implementing risk assessment within your team
  5. how to carry out a risk assessment
  6. organisational procedures and requirements relevant to the electrical risk assessment and the production risk assessment
  7. why and how to ensure sufficient quantities and availability of personal protective equipment, safety equipment and resources
  8. the importance of reporting an accident and near misses
  9. how to report accidents and near misses
  10. the importance of having statutory notices and hazard warnings and where to place them for best effect
  11. the importance of keeping everyone fully informed about health and safety related matters
  12. disciplinary procedures and other sanctions in relation to non-compliance of health and safety procedures


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