Manage the work of teams in the creative industries

Business Sectors (Suites): Creative Media Generic Skills
Developed by: ScreenSkills
Approved on: 31 Mar 2019


This Standard is about managing the work of your team and considering how the performance of your team could be improved.

It is about ensuring that your team are adhering to the requirements of the brief and in the event that these requirements are not being adhered to it involves investigating the reasons for this by communicating with the appropriate members of your team.  

It also involves considering ways that the quality of work and working methods could be improved and communicating this to your team and individuals within your team in a positive manner. It requires you comply with all relevant health and safety and employment legislation when managing your team.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

1    inform your
team of the scope of their job responsibilities in a way which promotes good
working relationships

2    inform your team that you will be monitoring
their performance at work

3    ensure that risk assessments for the work of
your team have been undertaken and that your team is working in compliance with
relevant health and safety legislation 

4    develop a work plan which includes yourself
and your team 
5    ensure all members of your team are aware of
the specific activities for which they are responsible

6   provide individuals with the opportunity to
contribute  with regard to their own
personal development

7    provide advice and guidance at times
appropriate to the needs of the brief and the individual

8    ensure your team is clear on the procedure
for dealing with problems and to whom such problems should be reported

9    where member(s) of your team are not
following requirements of the brief discuss this with the team member to
determine the cause

10  evaluate the reasons provided by your team
member and consider what action needs to be taken to assist the achievement of
the brief and the individual

11  provide feedback to all your team on the
overall production and its progress

12  consult your team for suggestions to improve
future performance

13  seek opportunities
to improve productivity and     
        information flow

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

1      the skills
of your team and their scope in terms of job responsibilities
2      how to communicate the requirements of the
brief and creative style to your team and confirm their understanding
3      how to develop a work plan which clearly
details roles and responsibilities
4      the importance of providing individuals
with the opportunity to contribute to inform their personal development
5      the person responsible for carrying out
risk assessments and your health and safety responsibilities with regard to
other people
6      the importance of informing your team that
you will be monitoring their performance, what you will be looking for and how
they can obtain feedback
7      suitable action to take following
          performance by a team member
8 legislation, regulations and codes of practice
that are applicable to managing other people and to the work being undertaken


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