Make the most of opportunities to increase your skills and gain experience in the creative industries

Business Sectors (Suites): Creative Media Generic Skills
Developed by: ScreenSkills
Approved on: 31 Mar 2019


This Standard is about making the most of the learning opportunities that are available to you.  It involves learning the techniques and methods of working as well as learning about yourself, the kind of skills you would like to develop and job you would like to progress to.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

1    recognise opportunities to develop your practice
2    identify the processes and tasks that are carried out, in what            order and what knowledge is required to do them well
3    show others that you have a positive attitude to work, are pleasant to work with and have a long term interest in the area in which they are working
4    develop relationships with experienced colleagues that allow you to learn from them
5    make the most of other resources to learn about software, equipment and techniques
6    ask questions to develop your understanding 
7    ask for help whenever you are uncertain about how to carry out a task or what is required
8    find out who can provide reliable support and advice so that you can develop understanding quickly and thoroughly
9    make opportunities to learn about the work and to assist with tasks 
10  find out about protocols, standards, conventions, any other departments or processes involved and how the other people involved do their jobs
11  find opportunities to make critical judgments about quality of work
12  identify the kind(s) of job that you might aspire to and that might suit you
13  identify what might be a next step in developing your career 
14  check your intentions with colleagues to see if they are realistic and feasible given their knowledge of you

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

1     the
importance of developing your skills and how it might affect your career

2      how to check that your career and learning
expectations are realistic and achievable

3      how to show others that you understand the
pressures and responsibilities of work and are capable of learning

4      how and when to ask questions about things
you don’t yet understand

5      your own learning style 

6      how to assess quality of work to expected
artistic standards

7      the layout of the workplace and how
different locations and facilities are referred to

8      the people involved, their names and what
they do

9      people who are reliable and open sources
of information 

10    other available sources of information you
need in order to make the most of opportunities

11    what scope you are allowed for using
equipment and assisting with tasks

12    work you can volunteer to carry out

13    health and safety factors of all equipment and the         workplace


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Indicative Review Date

30 Mar 2022





Originating Organisation

Screen Skills (formerly Creative Skillset

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Relevant Occupations

Arts, Media and Publishing, Production Managers, Production Assistant, Production Coordinator, Post Production Coordinator, Animation Professionals

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Development; Creative; Feedback; Techniques