Agree requirements and parameters of creative activity in the creative industries

Business Sectors (Suites): Creative Media Generic Skills
Developed by: ScreenSkills
Approved on: 31 Mar 2019


This Standard is about obtaining, analysing and interpreting the creative brief and relevant information to identify the overall framework, requirements and parameters for your work and to ensure it has the appropriate style and impact

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

1 confirm and analyse information on requirements and parameters, including any special requirements, factors and opportunities which will impact upon the nature and function of the creative outputs  

2 clarify and confirm vague, ambiguous or missing information on requirements and parameters 

3 determine requirements for continuity  

4 clarify and confirm visual style and intended impact  with appropriate decision makers  

5 identify desired characteristics from relevant  information and specifications  

6 obtain specialist advice when specific problems are identified which are beyond own expertise  

7 identify and assess previous creative outputs, technical solutions or techniques that have succeeded in similar circumstances for their relevance 

8 develop a  philosophy and specification which meets the needs of the project  

9 ensure that the realisation of work is within the cost and time constraints of the project  

10 acknowledge and confirm any  changes requested by decision makers clearly and incorporate them into specifications of requirements 

11 when appropriate identify further opportunities to use creative outputs in order to enhance creative and commercial success​

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

1 The objectives for the creative output and the artistic intentions which it is required to support  

2 how to access, analyse and interpret the creative brief and relevant information  

3 who the decision makers are and how to clarify requirements, visual style and parameters with them   

4 how to adapt requirements in the light of changes required by decision makers, and what action to take when request for change cannot be met  

5 how factors and opportunities vary to suit different productions  

6 how to identify the impact of production requirements, parameters and plans on the development of creative outputs  

7 sources of information on existing creative outputs and technical solutions  

8 capabilities and limitations of available and projected technology 

9 how to evaluate existing creative outputs and technical solutions and potential conceptual solutions for relevance ​


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30 Mar 2022





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Screen Skills (formerly Creative Skillset

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Arts, Media and Publishing, VFX Technician, AR/VR Technician

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Activity; Parameters; Objectives; Brief