Present ideas and information to others in the creative industries

Business Sectors (Suites): Creative Media Generic Skills
Developed by: ScreenSkills
Approved on: 31 Mar 2019


This Standard is about persuasively presenting ideas and information.  Ideas and information can be presented as an oral presentation, either face to face, online or by telephone or in the form of written pitches, tenders, applications or reports, or as a mixture of both.  It includes identifying the full range of benefits of your proposal, structuring your information in a way that is most relevant to your target audience and giving them the opportunity to come back for more information.  You can do this for your own organisation or as a freelancer on behalf of another organisation.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

1   present information that is well
thought through, factually correct and from reliable sources

2    present
information in a way that emphasises the full range of benefits associated with
your proposal

3    consider the impact on the budget of the target audience and delivery platform for the proposal

4    select the information that is of most interest to your audience and which portrays
your proposal in the best way

5    make
sure your key points can be clearly identified by your audience

6    use
language which clearly conveys the topic and which is appropriate to the

7    use
visual aids which are suitable for the presentation method to enhance your
audience’s understanding of the points you are making

8    conform
to any time or length restrictions and any other constraints of the audience

9    ensure
oral presentations are delivered in a coherent, clear, confident and
interesting manner

10    gauge
audience reaction during oral presentations and adapt accordingly

11  give
the audience the opportunity to seek further information or ask questions of
information presented

12  respond
carefully to questions, making sure you provide the information the audience is
asking for

13  evaluate
the success of your presentation and identify changes that will improve your
presentation in the future

14  store information in line with organisational requirements and data protection legislation


Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

1    how to identify the target audience and delivery platform for the proposal
2  how to identify the information that is of most interest to the audience
3    how to present ideas and information in a way that portrays your proposal as better than others
4    the content and structure of effective proposals and the points these address
5    how to pull together and structure ideas and information to persuade and best get your point across
6    how to establish and present information on viability of proposals
7    how to interpret the requirements of a brief or tender document
8    why it is important to establish a relationship with the audience, when possible
9    the benefits and disadvantages of different ways of presenting information
10   how to identify the way that the target audience wish to receive your ideas and information
11  the benefits and disadvantages of different visual aids and ways of presenting ideas and information
12  the purpose and benefits of summarising important features and key points and how to do this effectively in both a written and oral format
13  the effect your voice tone, pace, volume and body language can have on your audience and their understanding of your key points during oral presentations
14  the benefits and disadvantages of different presentation equipment, how to use it and what to do if it goes wrong
15  ways to encourage questions in both oral and written presentations
16  the purpose, benefits and ways of evaluating the success of presentations​

17 how to store information to meet organisational requirements and data protection legislation


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30 Mar 2022





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Media Associate Professionals, VFX Technician, Animation Professionals

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Presentations; Ideas; Findings