Research information required for work in the creative industries

Business Sectors (Suites): Creative Media Generic Skills
Developed by: ScreenSkills
Approved on: 31 Mar 2019


This Standard is about researching required information in order to further carry out your work.  It involves planning and scheduling the research to meet those deadlines. It also requires that you identify sources, gather and interpret material or information that is relevant to the brief and use your research findings to inform your work.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

1    confirm
the scope, depth and specific objectives for the research

2    confirm
the timing and final format for the research

3    plan
what you need to investigate and organise your research to ensure you work
within the required timescales

4    plan
the most appropriate sources and techniques for yourself and people who are
assisting you in this work

5    fully
brief any assistants on their role in the research

6    identify
whether existing material is relevant and up-to-date

7    collate
and interpret the findings as they emerge and identify any remaining gaps and
which sources of information you should use to fill those gaps

8    check
that the information you wish to use is available and that you are legally
allowed to use it

9    collate
the final set of findings and assess which information meets the research
objectives and which can be discarded

10  prepare
the findings in a way which addresses all of the objectives in a concise,
accurate and useful way

11  ensure
you present the research material in the required form and in a manner that is
suitable for its intended use

12  ensure
you record all sources of information and store this with the results of your

13 maintain confidentiality of sensitive information in line with organisational procedures

14  confirm
that your findings and conclusions meet the needs of the person or organisation
that provided the research brief

15  identify
if subsequent research or development by others will make your findings out of

16  where
changes necessitate further research ensure you record those changes

17  proactively
use information researched to inform your work


Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

1  the scope of the research you are required to undertake
2  the timescale within which it must be completed
3  the depth of information required and how it fits into the bigger       picture 
4   research techniques that will enable you to plan and organise            the process
5    the main sources of appropriate information
6    the implications and effects on the research of copyright, clearances and rights to use information
7   effective and appropriate ways to approach the sources  of              information
8    key contacts and sources of information and developments in           the area being researched
9    methods of collating and interpreting information 
10  appropriate techniques for presenting the information in  a               concise and comprehensible way
11  when it is important to revisit research to ensure that the                   subsequent research of others does not make your findings                 out of date ​
12  the implications of current legislation and regulations covering data protection
13 the organisational procedures
and timelines for
data handling and deletion
of data/records/information


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Research; Timescales; Findings