Advise on technical process in production

Business Sectors (Suites): Production Workflow
Developed by: ScreenSkills
Approved on: 30 Mar 2023


​This standard is about advising on procedures to avoid technical issues with quality throughout the pre-production, production or post production phases. It is about identifying any issues that may arise when working within production teams to find ways to ensure that a technically satisfactory asset is created, especially when working with multiple transcodes. It includes appreciating and understanding current and emerging technology and industry standards to ensure that production assets have a sufficient lifespan.

This standard could apply to anyone involved with asset creation during production.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. ​identify appropriate ways to light, shoot and record sound and picture in line with industry standards, workflow expectations, budget requirements and expected deliverables
  2. advise whether planned assets will be compatible and meet specification for post production processes
  3. keep own knowledge of changes in technology, digital production techniques and industry standards up to date using information from reliable sources
  4. identify technical issues relating to picture and sound that it would be hard or expensive to deal with during post production
  5. consult with relevant colleagues to identify solutions to resolve technical problems
  6. find solutions that are acceptable to clients when technical problems are hard to resolve, or  the solutions are costly
  7. brief others as required on technical quality expectations and the implications of different approaches to media capture for the workflow
  8. identify and propose technical changes during workflow development that increase technical or commercial viability of projects

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. ​the technical expectations and requirements defined in the workflow
  2. how to verify that workflow is fit for purpose
  3. processes of quality assessment review for visual and audio to expected artistic and technical standards
  4. formats which can safely be used for multiple transcoding without excessive loss of quality
  5. how to manage issues that can be caused in media or in systems by multiple transcodes of media
  6. the system and naming conventions to use to ensure version control
  7. how to manage camera recording profiles including log, linear, raw, high dynamic range, and the implications of using different profiles
  8. principles of metadata management and its importance
  9. principles of standard deliverables and what to consider when working with non-standard deliverables
  10. principles of file formats, digital interconnectivity and elements of audio and video signals
  11. how to measure critical elements of audio and video signals
  12. the contribution that should and should not be made to technical quality by VFX and post production colleagues considering budgetary and client's artistic expectations
  13. how VFX and post production processes can be affected by capture methods and formats
  14. the cost implication for post production of shooting in various media and file types
  15. how to work within a budget and ways to tailor a budget to meet changing requirements
  16. how to communicate effectively and work with colleagues to resolve problems
  17. where to find out about developments in technology, digital production and industry practice
  18. current viewing standards, technical broadcast standards and current professional, national and international deliverable standards and expressions of best practice for different platforms


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30 Mar 2026





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Production Assistant, Production Coordinator, Sound Recorder, Cameraman, Camera Assistant, Digital Imaging Technician , Digital Delivery Operator , Digital Management Operator, Data Wrangler, Media Wrangler, VFX Technician

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