Monitor script coverage, continuity and technical camera details during line up and rehearsals

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Approved on: 29 Mar 2020


​This standard is about monitoring script coverage and continuity and technical camera details during line up and rehearsals in preparation for each day's shooting. This could apply to any type of scripted production including feature films and TV dramas.

It includes checking continuity requirements, monitoring continuity, liaising with appropriate people to ensure continuity is maintained, preparing shot lists, monitoring script and story details, supporting actors with lines, monitoring technical line up and timing rehearsals.

This standard is relevant to Script supervisors.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. ​base preparations for each day's shoot on information on call sheets
  2. extract editors' script pages and reference stills from designated places
  3. provide data wranglers with all relevant information for matching
  4. prepare and verify continuity requirements for scheduled scenes on a daily basis
  5. confirm with relevant people whether scenes are to be shot as day or night and about any required use and matching of practical lights
  6. liaise with relevant people about shot coverage requirements for each scene
  7. prepare shot lists that reflect requirements
  8. monitor line up of each shot throughout rehearsals
  9. make sure no scripted direction or dialogue is overlooked during rehearsals
  10. assist actors with lines when required
  11. monitor rehearsal timings and inform the correct people about potential over or under lengths
  12. keep accurate and legible records of actors' positions and camera positions at each place and point in action 
  13. identify, record and report any changes to actors' or camera positions to the right people
  14. check that stand-ins are making the correct moves, turns and actions for lighting purposes
  15. monitor camera moves and stop points and inform relevant people of any potential editing problems
  16. liaise with relevant people about continuity implications of any scene changes
  17. provide slate and scene numbers to relevant people at appropriate times
  18. liaise with relevant departments about specific issues relating to continuity at appropriate times
  19. address any issues with continuity as soon as they occur

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. ​information on call sheets to use to prepare for next day's shooting
  2. the types of information required for matching and what is involved 
  3. information to include in shot lists
  4. why it is important to have a meticulous attention to detail
  5. how timings affect requirements for film stock and how this is relevant to clapper loaders
  6. how timings affect script length
  7. how camera moves and stop points in action affect editing requirements
  8. where to get information about shooting scenes as day or night including directors and cinematographers
  9. the implications for lighting of shooting scenes as day or night
  10. when and why practical lights are required on sets
  11. the possible continuity implications of scene changes and who to work with about them
  12. appropriate times to communicate with camera, production and other departments during line up and rehearsal
  13. the requirements of the relevant Health and Safety legislation and procedures
  14. how to record actors' and camera positions and to whom to report any changes
  15. departments you may need to work with about specific continuity issues and how to contact them including hair, makeup, costume and props

  16. who requires information about slate and scene numbers including second assistants, clapper loaders and sound personnel

  17. how to monitor dialogue and action against script
  18. how to assist actors with line rehearsal
  19. when and how to prompt actors
  20. how to work effectively with actors and stand-ins


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