Pack camera equipment for transport

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Approved on: 29 Mar 2020


​This standard is about packing camera equipment for transport. This can apply to digital or film cameras.  This could apply to any type of production including feature films, TV dramas, commercials, documentaries, sports coverage, outside broadcast and live or stage events. 

This includes selecting suitable cases and packing materials, checking for damage or missing parts, packing equipment securely, compiling or checking associated documentation and labelling cases.

This standard is relevant to those working as 1st Assistants, Focus pullers or lone Camera operators.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. ​select cases and packing materials that comply with any regulations and restrictions for transport methods and destinations
  2. use cases and packing materials of sufficient quality and quantity to secure and protect equipment
  3. liaise with appropriate people about packaging and transport arrangements
  4. check and rectify any damage or missing parts prior to packing
  5. pack camera equipment so that it is secure and protected from damage in line with manufacturers' instructions
  6. make sure that equipment matches associated documentation
  7. note and resolve any discrepancies between equipment and documentation with production office
  8. label cases with information which is clear and accurate and which meets regulatory requirements
  9. inform appropriate people when equipment is ready for transport

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. ​currently used camera handling techniques
  2. currently used camera cases and other packaging materials
  3. regulations and restrictions for transport methods and destinations including safety legislation, weight restrictions and documentation requirements
  4. how to package cameras and lenses safely and securely
  5. the types of damage that may occur if cameras and associated accessories and equipment are incorrectly handled
  6. any special requirements to ensure the safety and security of camera equipment during transportation and when left unattended
  7. the requirements of the relevant health and safety legislation and procedures
  8. the relevant manufacturers' instructions for the equipment in use
  9. the documentation requirements  including those for overseas transportation
  10. when to liaise with production office and other crew members
  11. how to compile comprehensive equipment lists for carnets and the role of shipping agents in this
  12. the limits of your responsibility for replacing missing parts and carrying out repairs


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