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A good idea is at the heart of any production whether it is live action or animated. This Standard is about your ability to create a script or treatment that is compelling, tells a story, and engages its audience. You may be responding to a client or project brief or creating a script or treatment to explore a concept or idea with a view to future production. This standard is for you if you create scripts.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. determine the creative, production and project parameters that will

    affect your approach when analysing a brief or creative


    1. create narratives that are suitable for the target audience and

    appropriate to the production parameters

    1. structure stories to convey or explore the idea or concept with

    coherence and accuracy

    1. create scripts or treatments that communicate the story vision,

    characters and world produce scripts or treatments that meet

    project specifications and conform with industry standard layout


    1. check that your work is original and unique and meets your own

    quality requirements

    1. use feedback and criticism when appropriate to improve drafts or

    to fit in with production requirements

    1. produce re-drafts at the times required

    2. liaise with colleagues to resolve contradictory comments and

    check that scripts or treatments are appropriate and fit for


    1. work with the Script Editor and be guided by them through the

    writing process

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the aims and objectives of the production and its overall

    conceptual vision

    1. the purpose and use of a story bible

    2. the scale and type of animation and the impact this will have on

    the script

    1. the level or language and other requirements of the audience you

    are writing for and any relevant cultural, social or political issues

    that you will need to take into account

    1. the budget, timescales, episode duration and other project

    parameters you will need to comply with

    1. whether it is part of a series and how to find out about any

    previous episodes or story continuity

    1. the purpose of, and how to write a, script, treatment, one page

    synopsis, paragraph summary and one line tag line

    1. relevant legal obligations or broadcasting standards

    2. relevant theories and principles of story structure that apply to the

    script you are writing

    1. the characteristics and appeal of the genre of script you are


    1. the principles of dialogue writing, action description,

    characterisation, timing and pacing and how to achieve them

    1. the context of the script and where is sits with regard to similar

    work and how it will add to what is already available.

    1. industry standard layout and presentation for written and visual

    scripts or treatments

    1. the role of the story editor and the process of feedback and redrafting

    2. who needs to sign off the script

    3. the sorts of issues that can arise in co-productions, especially

    when work is shared or outsourced overseas

    1. how to work as part of a team


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