Improve own knowledge and performance in animation

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Approved on: 01 Mar 2017


This Standard is about proactively seeking out information about emerging practice in the animation industry and evaluating and improving your own practice. It includes understanding the theory and practice of the animation sector and developments within it and keeping up-to-date with things that will affect your work, such as emerging technologies, laws, technical innovations or emerging markets. It also covers knowing about your role on each production and how it relates to other roles and departments, in order to carry out your job effectively. This standard is for you if you work in animation.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. identify reliable sources of information to keep up-to-date with

    changes in animation techniques, products and processes

    1. maintain an ongoing understanding of global, traditional, current

    and emerging animation theories and practice

    1. monitor and interpret information about the market and your

    competitors at regular intervals

    1. adapt to, trends, technological advancements, new innovations

    and developments that will benefit your work

    1. use reliable information to keep up-to-date with the laws,

    regulations, codes of practice, standards and guidelines that

    govern animation and how they affect your work

    1. maintain an awareness of the current priorities, constraints and

    opportunities of your work at all times

    1. identify the information you need to carry out your work to

    expected standards on each production

    1. get regular and useful feedback on your performance from those

    who are in a good position to judge it and to provide objective and

    valid feedback

    1. ensure that your performance is consistent in meeting or

    exceeding agreed requirements

    1. review and evaluate own skills, knowledge and practice against

    current performance requirements

    1. undertake regular professional development to maintain your

    knowledge in order to effectively carry out your work

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the principal animation techniques and the processes associated

    with them and an awareness of other methods, such as ink and

    paint, sand, pixilation and cut out

    1. the target audiences for animation

    2. the history of animation, both nationally and internationally, and

    the variety of animation styles and genres

    1. film literacy and genre

    2. cinematic style, techniques and methods

    3. the dynamics of the animation sector and current and future

    trends in animation

    1. how developments in other creative disciplines can strengthen

    your work in animation

    1. the production and distribution process and variety of departments

    and job roles involved and how you fit within it

    1. the focus of different organisations offering production services

    2. the brand, market position, departments, communication

    methods, financial processes, culture and ways of working for

    productions you work on

    1. the commercial goals and priorities of productions you work on

    and how these impact on budgets and schedules

    1. the different functions in the productions you work on, the

    responsibilities of the people within them and what aspects of

    your work you need to liaise with them about

    1. the responsibilities of your own role and how your work relates to

    and impacts on the work of others and contributes to the vision

    and activities of the overall production

    1. legal and industry standards and codes of practice and reliable

    sources of information about how to interpret them

    1. how to evaluate the current requirements of a work role and how

    the requirements may evolve in the future

    1. how to evaluate the quality of your work against requirements and


    1. how to identify and use good sources of feedback on your

    2. identified gaps in your current knowledge, understanding and


    1. how to identify development needs to address any identified gaps

    between the requirements of your work role and your current

    knowledge, understanding and skills


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