Agree production and co-production parameters

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Approved on: 01 Mar 2017


This Standard is about agreeing parameters on which production and co-production agreements are founded. This may be with broadcasters, distributors, investors or project partners and may include provision and management of funds, creative integrity and editorial control to enable co-productions to proceed smoothly. This standard is for you if you agree production or co-production parameters.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

1 Identify and understand the requirements of broadcasters,

distributors, investors or production partners, before entering into any


2 Identify ways to maximise potential opportunities that benefit the

organisation you are representing

3 Negotiate and agree the scope of the work and associated

parameters before production starts

4 Record and store agreements in appropriate formats

5 Educate broadcasters, distributors, investors or production partners

about the production process and how it will affect their expectations

6 Maintain good working relationships with broadcasters, distributors,

investors or production partners, communicating with them throughout

the production

7 Effectively manage any requests for change or feedback

broadcasters, distributors, investors or production partners may have

8 Proactively deal with issues or concerns from broadcasters,

distributors, investors or production partners before they adversely

affect production

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

You need to know and 1 The likely roles and responsibilities of broadcasters, distributors,

investors or production partners in productions and co-productions

2 Potential opportunities to exploit the production including branding,

merchandising, or spin-off productions

3 The potential for distribution in other territories

4 How commissioning and funding work in the countries with which you

are working, including tax breaks and subsidies

5 Different options for deliverables, ownership, licensing, distribution,

finished animation and project files that can be negotiated


The importance of maintaining creative integrity


Intellectual property rights and licensing issues, relating both to

any material you use and to the work you are creating

8 How to conduct negotiations so that all parties feel satisfied

9 The legal status of written, verbal and electronic agreements and


10 Why contracts are important and the different areas they need to


11 The drawbacks of trust agreements instead of contracts

12 The importance of obtaining formal approval from investors and

project partners at key stages of production

13 The sorts of issues that can arise in co-productions, especially

when work is shared or outsourced overseas


Scope Performance

Scope Knowledge





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