Move and store wood

Business Sectors (Suites): Wood Treatment and Preservation
Developed by: Improve
Approved on: 01 Jan 2019


This standard covers the skills and knowledge required to handle, move and store wood safely, using the correct handling equipment and in a way that reduces downgrade to the wood. It applies equally to treated and untreated wood.

This applies to anyone involved with moving and storing wood.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. comply with health and safety requirements and procedures at all times
  2. obtain specifications and requirements of the items to be produced following standard operating procedures
  3. check equipment is set up correctly and in good working order following standard operating procedures and any manufacturer's instructions
  4. check materials required meet specifications and are free from faults following standard operating procedures
  5. use equipment and techniques to move and store wood to prevent risk of damage
  6. keep work areas clear and free from hazards when moving wood following standard operating procedures
  7. position and use appropriate handling equipment when moving wood following standard operating procedures
  8. check surrounding property and structures are protected from damage and individuals are safe from risk of injury following standard operating procedures
  9. use appropriate safety equipment following standard operating procedures
  10. check stacked wood is stable and safe following standard operating procedures
  11. store wood in ways that keep it dry and protect it from damage, distortion and deterioration following standard operating procedures
  12. check desired moisture content of wood is maintained in a satisfactory condition following standard operating procedures
  13. deal with any damage or degrade to minimise the effect on wood following standard operating procedures
  14. report any problems about damage or degrade to wood that are outside the limits of your responsibility

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. relevant health and safety responsibilities
  2. meaning of terms used in specifications
  3. how to check equipment is set up and is in good working order
  4. how to check materials and common faults that occur
  5. procedures for moving and storing wood
  6. risks and hazards involved in moving and storing wood
  7. types of equipment used to move wood and how to use it safely
  8. faults that can occur with handling equipment
  9. basic rules of storage, handling and protection for wood and damage or deterioration that will occur if they are not followed
  10. how to protect wood from uptake of moisture, staining, distortion, deterioration or other degrade
  11. how to deal with and minimise the effects of damage or degrade
  12. limits of your responsibility in relation to rectifying problems or faults
  13. who to report problems outside the limits of your responsibility to and appropriate ways to do so


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