Apply treatment chemicals to wood

Business Sectors (Suites): Wood Treatment and Preservation
Developed by: Improve
Approved on: 01 Jan 2019


This standard covers the skills and knowledge required to apply wood preservation or fire retardant treatments to wood. To do this you will need to apply the correct type and strength of treatment chemicals using the correct process cycle for the envisaged end use of the wood. You will need to correctly operate any equipment or machinery and work in a safe manner.

This applies to anyone involved with wood treatment and preservation.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. comply with health and safety requirements and procedures at all times
  2. obtain specifications and requirements of items to be produced following standard operating procedures
  3. obtain equipment and materials required following standard operating procedures
  4. check equipment is set up correctly and is in good working order following standard operating procedures and any manufacturer's instructions
  5. check materials required meet specifications and are free from faults following standard operating procedures
  6. interpret treatment requirements from work instructions and seek clarification when required
  7. check treatment chemicals are of the appropriate quantity, type and concentration following standard operating procedures
  8. check ventilation levels meet relevant requirements
  9. use appropriate personal protective equipment following standard operating procedures
  10. use treatment equipment and machinery following manufacturers' instructions
  11. apply wood treatments at allocated time following standard operating procedures
  12. return unused treatment chemicals to storage following standard operating procedures
  13. check wood treatments have been correctly applied following standard operating procedures
  14. deal with spillages quickly and efficiently and in line with manufacturers' technical information, statutory regulations and following standard operating procedures
  15. identify and rectify any faults within the limits of your responsibility following standard operating procedures
  16. report any problems outside the limits of your responsibility following standard operating procedures

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. relevant health and safety responsibilities
  2. meaning of terms used in specifications
  3. how to check equipment is set up and is in good working order
  4. how to check materials and common faults that occur
  5. how to obtain and interpret work instructions and programmes of work
  6. performance and natural resistance of different woods to fire
  7. ways to improve wood's ability to resist weathering, decay or insect attack and durability or performance
  8. how to protect wood from uptake of moisture, staining, distortion, deterioration or other degrade
  9. differences between softwood and hardwood and the impact this has on wood products used
  10. types of treatment available, level of protection they provide and when to use them
  11. application processes for different types of wood treatment
  12. difference between high pressure and low-pressure treatments and their effects on wood being treated
  13. species of wood being treated and what wood will look like when treatment has been applied
  14. where to get up to date information on regulations, industry standards and company policies in relation to wood treatment
  15. personal protective equipment and local exhaust ventilation used during different wood treatment processes
  16. methods of applying different wood treatments
  17. treatment equipment and ancillary equipment and how to use it
  18. effects of wood treatments and exterior coatings on wood structure, properties, durability and appearance
  19. limits of your responsibility in relation to rectifying problems or faults
  20. who to report problems outside the limits of your responsibility to and ways to do so


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01 Jan 2023





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Chemical and related Process Operatives, Treatment Works Operatives

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