Produce bed drawers

Business Sectors (Suites): Upholstery & Soft Furnishings
Developed by: Improve
Approved on: 31 Jan 2020


This standard covers the skills and knowledge required to upholster drawer fronts, prepare and assemble drawers.

This standard is aimed at those working in bed/mattress making.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. comply with health and safety requirements and procedures at all times
  2. obtain specifications and requirements of the items to be produced following standard operating procedures
  3. obtain equipment and materials required to carry out the job following standard operating procedures
  4. check equipment is set up   and in good working order following standard operating procedures and any manufacturer's instructions
  5. check all materials required are to specification and free from faults following standard operating procedures
  6. upholster drawer fronts to specification following standard operating procedures
  7. position components so that they are aligned and within the required tolerances
  8. secure and assemble drawers using the specified adhesives and fasteners
  9. make adjustments and alignments as necessary to make sure that the drawer is square and true
  10. apply the appropriate level of pressure for drawer construction following standard operating procedures
  11. protect components from damage during assembly
  12. clean drawers of excess glue, debris and foreign objects
  13. check and confirm that drawers fit to within the specified tolerances for alignment and movement
  14. position and attach the drawer runners to produce the required fit
  15. check and confirm that the drawers sit square
  16. process completed work to next stage following standard operating procedures

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. relevant health and safety responsibilities
  2. meaning of terms used in specifications
  3. how to check equipment is set up and is in good working order
  4. how to check materials and the common faults that can occur
  5. common faults that can occur and the process for correcting them
  6. tolerances allowed
  7. how to assemble drawers
  8. how to clean drawers of excess glue


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31 Jan 2025





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Furniture Makers and Other Craft Woodworkers, Upholsterers

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