Supervise health, safety and welfare of individuals at work

Business Sectors (Suites): Health and Safety
Developed by: Improve
Approved on: 01 Jan 2019


This standard is for anyone who has the responsibility for direct supervision of the health, safety and welfare of an individual in a work environment.

It covers:

  1. understanding your responsibilities as the supervisor;
  2. preparing for the individual in relation to health, safety and welfare before their work begins;
  3. ensuring that the individual understands their responsibilities and what is expected of them in relation to own health and safety and the health and safety of others;
  4. providing supervision to make sure that the individual follows safe working practices;
  5. supporting the individual at work to make sure that risks to his/her health and safety are managed; and
  6. ensuring that legal requirements for health and safety are met

Fundamental to this Standard is an understanding of:

  • the terms "hazard" and "risk";
  • the health and safety legislation which applies within their workplace and specifically in relation to the individual; and
  • the responsibilities of all those involved in the activities of the individual

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. have clearly defined job roles or programmes of work activities for individuals following standard operating procedures
  2. obtain information to make assessments of suitability of workplace for specific individuals following standard operating procedures
  3. check required work equipment and any personal protective equipment are available prior to individuals starting work activities and individuals understand how to use them
  4. check individuals have been provided with suitable initial health, safety and welfare information and training in line with health and safety legislation and employer's requirements
  5. check individuals can explain and demonstrate understanding of safe working practices prior to commencing work activities
  6. brief everyone working with, or affecting individuals in relation to their responsibilities for the health, safety and welfare of individuals
  7. check plans for effective supervision of individuals including alternative supervision arrangements to cover absences and plans are recorded
  8. check individuals understand and can describe his/her role and/or programme of work following standard operating procedures
  9. communicate and provide ongoing information, advice and support to individuals on safe working practices and organisational instructions
  10. check additional training needs of individuals in relation to health, safety and welfare are identified, recorded and met
  11. check information, support and training are provided to individuals and recorded when there are changes in tasks to be performed, organisational instructions, work environments or equipment
  12. report any concerns regarding the performance of individuals in relation to health and safety to responsible persons
  13. liaise with others to support individual's training programmes and health and safety practices
  14. contribute to reviews of individual's progress and check supervision plans are regularly updated and recorded
  15. check individuals can identify hazards and risks in work areas following standard operating procedures

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. work areas and operational activities intended for, and prohibited to, individuals
  2. work areas, operational activities and responsibilities of everyone whom individuals will come into contact with
  3. resources for health and safety learning available
  4. safe working practices used by individuals
  5. personal protective equipment and health and safety control equipment used
  6. information necessary and available to assess suitability of the workplace for individuals
  7. information about individuals you are supervising which is necessary and available to inform assessment of the suitability of the workplace
  8. any specific learning, physical and communication needs/barriers of individuals you are supervising
  9. risk assessments and implementation of control measures relating to individuals you are supervising
  10. employer's instructions and procedures in relation to health, safety and welfare
  11. how to review individuals knowledge and understanding in relation to health and safety at work
  12. different communication methods available and when it is appropriate for each to be used
  13. how to respond to incidents, development needs and achievements of individuals relating to health and safety
  14. people involved in the individual's training programmes, their roles and responsibilities
  15. workplace instructions and procedures in relation to health, safety and welfare, and in particular those relating to individuals you are supervising
  16. difference between hazard and risk
  17. your responsibilities in relation to preparing for, receiving and supervising individuals


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01 Jan 2023





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Health and Safety Managers, Health and Safety Officers, Occupational Health Workers, Occupational Hygienists and Safety Officers (health and safety)

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Occupational health and safety; supervise individuals