Control work operations safely

Business Sectors (Suites): Health and Safety
Developed by: Improve
Approved on: 01 Jan 2019


This standard is for people with responsibility for checking and co-ordinating healthy and safe work operations. This person could, for example, be a union or non-union safety representative, a supervisor, a line manager or team leader.

This standard is about making sure that statutory and workplace instructions are being carried out. It describes the competences required to make sure that:

  1. healthy and safe practices are being followed within work areas
  2. appropriate action is undertaken to control work hazards

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. keep up to date with health and safety regulations and workplace instructions and check information is from reliable sources
  2. conduct inspections of workplaces at agreed intervals following standard operating procedures
  3. confirm health and safety training needs of other people have been identified and met
  4. communicate workplace instructions to other people and obtain feedback following standard operating procedures
  5. respond promptly to any breaches of health and safety instructions in a way that meets workplace and legal requirements
  6. maintain records relating to health and safety matters that comply with legal and workplace requirements, and are accessible to those who are authorised to use them
  7. make recommendations for changes to workplace instructions to responsible people following standard operating procedures
  8. consider environmental impact of your working practices following standard operating procedures
  9. keep accurate and legible records of workplace risks identified or reported to you following standard operating procedures
  10. report existence of risks in accordance with workplace health and safety instructions
  11. review operational controls to check workplace hazards are eliminated or controlled
  12. confirm appropriate precautions to control these risks have been agreed with people responsible for health and safety
  13. check other people are aware of risks and know actions to take to minimise them

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. ​employers' and employees' main legal responsibilities for health and safety at work
  2. your responsibilities for health and safety as defined by any specific legislation covering your role
  3. scope of your role, your competency and capabilities
  4. work areas and people you have responsibility for
  5. difference between a hazard and a risk
  6. particular health and safety risks which may be present in your own role and precautions to take
  7. why you should remain alert to the presence of hazards in the workplace
  8. why you should promptly deal with or report hazards and risks at work
  9. specific health and safety arrangements covering your job role
  10. health and safety instructions at your workplace
  11. how to keep health and safety records
  12. effective communication methods
  13. effective methods of inspecting other people's activities and communicating results
  14. agreed intervals for inspecting health and safety compliance
  15. hazard notices and alerts relevant to your work
  16. reliable sources of health and safety information
  17. environment risk which may be present in your organisation


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01 Jan 2023





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Health and Safety Managers, Health and Safety Officers, Occupational Health Workers, Occupational Hygienists and Safety Officers (health and safety)

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Occupational health and safety; control; work operations