Improve work related health and safety through promotional activities

Business Sectors (Suites): Health and Safety
Developed by: Improve
Approved on: 01 Jan 2019


This standard covers the skills and knowledge required to promote awareness of work-related health, safety and welfare issues, contribute to the delivery of initiatives and projects which will raise awareness of health, safety and welfare issues and exercise strategic influence on the health and safety policies and resources of organisations for the purposes of better regulation.

It covers

  1. influencing how senior managers set up and use health and safety management structures and systems and associated resource allocations 
  2. influencing health and safety policies and procedures within organisations 
  3. deciding how you can contribute to the implementation of the regulatory authority’s plans and priorities through promotional activities 
  4. discussing health, safety and welfare issues with duty holders, employee or safety representatives and others during interventions
  5. encouraging and responding to questions raised by duty holders, employee or safety representatives and others
  6. taking part in seminars, workshops and publicity events
  7. distributing relevant leaflets and other material in support of discussions
  8. providing accurate and relevant information on other sources of professional help
  9. participating in projects and initiatives and their evaluation
  10. participating in exhibitions, conferences, workshops, lectures and other similar events

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. identify opportunities to promote awareness of health and safety issues to groups of duty holders and others following standard operating procedures
  2. contribute to initiatives, projects or events following the initiative project or event plan
  3. initiate and run local projects which promote positive health and safety change
  4. prepare and deliver lectures, seminars or workshops using an appropriate range of audio-visual techniques
  5. assess the impact of the promotional activity following standard operating procedures
  6. seek opportunities to discuss and promote health and safety awareness and initiate positive changes
  7. use publicity opportunities gained from legal proceedings to promote awareness of health and safety issues to groups of duty holders and others
  8. identify, through research, leaflets, publications and other promotional material relevant to promoting health and safety following standard operating procedures
  9. distribute relevant leaflets and other information to people in support of discussions following standard operating procedures

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. how to identify and apply aims, objectives, priorities and plans of the regulatory authority and your operational unit and plan your activities to meet these
  2. how aims, objectives, priorities and plans can be met through promotional activities
  3. how to identify scope and plan the promotional initiatives or projects in which you have a role
  4. how to estimate resource implications of promotional activities
  5. how to communicate with a wide range of people
  6. techniques of persuasion and negotiation used to sell health and safety
  7. sources of further support and information
  8. how to plan and run promotional events and your contribution to them
  9. how to identify an audience's needs and address them
  10. how to deliver lectures, seminars or workshops effectively
  11. how to validate and evaluate promotional activities
  12. where and how to obtain promotional material
  13. how to identify and apply health, safety and welfare legislation and standards
  14. how health and safety can be promoted by the effective use of the media


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01 Jan 2023





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Health and Safety Managers, Health and Safety Officers, Occupational Health Workers, Occupational Hygienists and Safety Officers (health and safety)

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Occupational health and safety; health and safety; improve; promotional activities