Develop, implement and review the organisation’s health and safety strategy

Business Sectors (Suites): Health and Safety
Developed by: Improve
Approved on: 01 Jan 2018


This standard covers the skills and knowledge required to establish, implement and/or review an organisation’s overall health and safety strategy.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. advise an organisation to support development of a health and safety strategy
  2. identify and respond to internal and external factors likely to have an impact on your organisation's health and safety strategy, including organisational structures, strategies, business plans and other key drivers
  3. identify key change factors impacting on the organisation following standard operating procedures
  4. agree desired outcomes following standard operating procedures
  5. select and use cost-effective ways of gathering information following standard operating procedures
  6. consider any priorities following standard operating procedures
  7. identify and respond to key drivers of current internal structures, internal opportunities and rigidities following standard operating procedures
  8. obtain comprehensive and robust information for each relevant internal and external factor
  9. identify trends and likely future developments in internal and external factors reviewed
  10. validate information gathered with appropriate persons following standard operating procedures
  11. establish likely impact of internal and external factors on your organisation's strategies
  12. identify and influence the organisation's strategies, policies and practices following standard operating procedures
  13. evaluate organisation's business plan in relation to health and safety
  14. involve appropriate people in assessment of necessary changes and gain their commitment
  15. establish any likely changes needed to organisational strategies in relation to issues identified
  16. review internal organisational structures and resources against any required changes
  17. identify opportunities and obstacles in structures and systems for required changes
  18. develop processes for maximising opportunities for change and minimising obstacles to change
  19. assess impact of any changes on organisational resources following standard operating procedures
  20. obtain and maintain support of those who can champion and deliver change
  21. maximise effect of communication systems and information about change processes following standard operating procedures
  22. select and develop ways of motivating others to engage in the change process
  23. check review processes are in place following standard operating procedures
  24. act on feedback on change strategies following standard operating procedures
  25. identify problems in the change process promptly and resolve conflicts following standard operating procedures
  26. create appropriate opportunities for regular and effective review of the change process
  27. adapt the change strategy in order to attract and maintain support and commitment of others

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. standard operating procedures and how to apply these
  2. internal factors, including organisational structures, strategies, and human and physical resources available
  3. key change factors impacting on the organisation
  4. key drivers of current internal structure, internal opportunities and rigidities
  5. how to influence the organisation's strategies, policies and practices
  6. how to evaluate the organisation's business plan in relation to health and safety
  7. information networks and sources
  8. theories of motivation
  9. where to obtain comprehensive, valid and reliable information on the external environment
  10. sources of organisational performance data
  11. how to assess organisational resources against any required changes
  12. effective presentation of cases for change in structure and systems
  13. how to encourage participation in, and feedback on, change strategies
  14. change methodologies
  15. objective setting
  16. change cycles and how to use it
  17. impact on the organisation when implementing required changes
  18. appropriate communication channels for the change strategy
  19. how to acknowledge, manage and resolve conflict
  20. acceptable forms of compromise which maintain the integrity of the change process
  21. key requirements of health and safety legislation and any other legal requirements in the workplace
  22. how to respond to new legislation
  23. benchmarking against current best practice
  24. how to respond to technical developments


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01 Jan 2023





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Health and Safety Managers, Health and Safety Officers, Occupational Health Workers, Occupational Hygienists and Safety Officers (health and safety)

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Occupational health and safety; develop; implement; review; strategy