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This standard is about the handling and storing of solid and liquid chocolate for manufacture. It is about the importance of temperature and continuous stirring of liquid chocolate as well as the methods employed for moving chocolate around a manufacturing plant. You will need to be able to select goods and materials for storage and correct locations. You also need to show you can arrange and put stock in allocated locations, ensuring awareness of the principles of first in/first out, and stock control. You must also show you can report difficulties and check documentation. This standard is about ensuring that there are sufficient and timely supplies of materials to meet production requirements. It covers matching production needs with availability of supplies as well as maintaining that supply to ensure smooth running in production. This standard is for you if you require a basic knowledge of how to handle and store chocolate during the process of manufacturing chocolate products.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Select goods and materials for storage and correct


  1. identify the right stock to be put in selection and storage locations

  2. identify the correct storage location and keep it hygienic and safe

  3. meet customers' requirements regarding storage where possible,

    taking into account what facilities are available and the storage


    Arrange and put stock in allocated locations

  4. handle chocolate in accordance with safe and hygienic working


  5. maintain stock condition by using the correct handling techniques

  6. check the product visually to make sure it meets customer or

    company specification

  7. put the correct stock in the correct location and in the allocated

    space within the time specified

  8. place goods and materials so that they can be accessed in the

    order required to meet stock rotation requirements

  9. store goods and materials in a way that makes best use of

    available space

    Report difficulties and check documentation

  10. report difficulties in placing goods and materials which cannot be

    immediately resolved to the relevant person

  11. complete stock records and pass them on as required

  12. make sure that documentation is complete

    Maintain an organised and tidy work area

  13. identify the service and supply needs of the production area and

    work stations

  14. check the volume of supplies to meet demands

  15. forecast stock required to meet the demands of production

  16. deliver the required quantity of supplies to the production areas

    and/or work stations

  17. maintain stock levels within production areas and/or work stations

    to the specified levels

  18. maintain storage environments within production areas and/or

    work station to the required specifications

  19. follow stock rotation requirements for products and materials to

    the required specification

  20. record change of supplier where relevant

  21. check that stock is on site and available for production

  22. prepare contingency plans when low or no product available

    report any discrepancies in the supplies to the relevant person

    follow safe and hygienic working practices

  23. complete all records and promptly

  24. follow relevant legal and regulatory; health and safety, hygiene

    and environmental standards or instructions

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the potential food safety risks and control procedures associated

    with chocolate handling and storing processes

    1. how liquid chocolate is stored

    2. at what temperature liquid chocolate is stored and what could

    happen if the correct temperature is not maintained

    1. how and why liquid chocolate is stirred during storage, and what

    effect not stirring would have on the product

    1. why it is important to regulate the speed of stirring chocolate in

    storage and how the speed is determined

    1. what the relative humidity of the area used to store liquid

    chocolate should be

    1. why chocolate should be protected from moisture and what would

    happen to the product if it was not

    1. what methods are used to move liquid chocolate around

    manufacturing plants

    1. what needs to be considered when moving liquid chocolate

    through pipelines and why it is important to maintain these


    1. what the best conditions are for storing wrapped chocolate blocks

    2. why chocolate is not spoiled by bacteria


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