Select and prepare raw materials for chocolate manufacture

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Approved on: 01 Jan 2018


This standard is about the different raw materials used to manufacture chocolate. It covers their selection, how they are prepared and how this and the materials chosen impacts on the type and quality of chocolate manufactured. This standard is about identifying, selecting and preparing raw materials in a food and drink production environment. You need to show that you can identify and select the correct raw materials, required by a product specification or recipe. You will need to check the condition of the raw materials and store, blend or modify these for further processing. This may involve weighing and measuring raw materials using manual or automated systems. Complying with and understanding health and safety, food safety and organisational requirements are essential features of this standard. This standard is for you if you require a basic knowledge of selecting and preparing the raw materials used in the initial manufacture of chocolate.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Identify raw materials

  1. identify the specified raw materials

  2. check quantities according to your instructions and specifications

  3. carry out any calculations necessary to establish quantities of raw

    materials required to meet production needs

    Select raw materials

  4. select raw materials to meet production needs and check their

    condition for use

  5. isolate and report raw materials of substandard quality, condition

    or quantity to the relevant personnel

  6. take action where raw materials are not available to source

    alternative supplies or establish whether alternative raw materials

    can be utilised where permitted

  7. store and position raw materials ready for further processing

  8. comply with health, safety, food safety and organisational


    Prepare raw materials

  9. check selected raw materials against your instructions and

    specifications carry out any blending, modification or treatment of

    raw materials according to specification requirements

  10. place the raw materials in the correct conditions and label storage

    containers, where required, ready for further processing

  11. comply with health, safety, food safety and organisational


  12. operate within the limits of your own authority and capabilities

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. what the legal or regulatory requirements, the organisational

    health and safety, hygiene and environmental standards and

    instructions are and what may happen if they are not followed

    1. potential allergens associated with chocolate manufacture

    2. the potential food safety risks and control procedures associated

    with selecting and preparing raw materials

    1. the importance of selecting the cocoa beans for different

    chocolate manufacture

    1. the processes involved in preparing cocoa beans for chocolate


    1. what the different fats used in chocolate making are and how they

    are prepared for use

    1. the function of cocoa butter in chocolate making and why it is


    1. why vegetable fats are important in the manufacture of chocolate

    and when they are used

    1. how and why lecithin and other fat extenders/emulsifiers are used

    in chocolate manufacture

    1. why butter oil is used in chocolate manufacture

    2. what the different milk products used in manufacturing milk

    chocolate are and how milk is processed for use in milk chocolate

    1. the advantages of using milk crumb and the process involved in

    producing it

    1. the difference between the composition of milk crumb and milk

    powder and how they are used in chocolate manufacture

    1. why sugar used in chocolate manufacture should be dry and free

    from invert

    1. what the different flavours used in chocolate manufacture are

    2. what recording, reporting and communication is needed and how

    to carry this out and the reasons why it is important to do so


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