Ensure compliance to support improvement in food and drink operations

Business Sectors (Suites): Achieving Food Manufacturing Excellence
Developed by: Improve
Approved on: 31 Dec 2021


This standard is about the skills and knowledge needed for you to ensure that your organisation's operations maintain compliance with legal, regulatory and other external requirements, to support your organisation's drive to improve food and drink operations. This is important in increasing productivity and success of manufacture, processing and supply within the food and drink supply chain. Ensuring compliance is essential to maintaining the reputation of the organisation, and can be potentially vulnerable when change and improvement processes are being implemented.

You will need to show and understand how you operate to the legal, regulatory and other requirements of your organisation. You will need to monitor and understand changes in requirements and develop policies and procedures to ensure your organisation maintains compliance. You will need to ensure that relevant people are aware of the requirements and their responsibilities in meeting compliance. You will also need to provide and receive feedback relating to compliance issues.

This standard applies to you if you are a director or manager who has responsibility for ensuring compliance during your organisation's change and improvement activity, in food and drink operations including manufacturing, processing, packing or supply chain activities.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Ensure compliance with organisational requirements 

1. monitor changes to policies and procedures, the effect they have on your area of responsibility and what will happen if they are not met 
2. develop or amend policies and procedures to meet organisational objectives for improvement 
3. confirm all relevant personnel understand the policies and procedures and their importance 
4. support and monitor the implementation of policies and procedures, aligned to improvement 

Deal effectively with non-compliance 

5. encourage a climate of openness about compliance and non-compliance with policies and procedures 
6. identify and correct any failures to comply with policies and procedures 
7. identify reasons for not meeting requirements and amend policies and procedures to reduce the likelihood of failures in the future 
8. report failures in compliance to relevant persons 

Obtain and provide feedback about ensuring organisational compliance 

9. seek feedback about your organisational compliance status and support to improvement from the relevant personnel 
10. check current compliance levels and targets in accordance with procedures 
11. provide feedback about how you ensure compliance to support improvement to the relevant personnel

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. your improvement vision, strategy and objectives of your organisation
  2. how to consult with colleagues regarding compliance issues and how they impact on supporting improvement
  3. why an ethical and value-based approach to policies and procedures are important
  4. the legal requirements affecting organisational operations
  5. the legal, regulatory and ethical requirements of food and drink operations, both national and international
  6. how to follow procedures if you do not meet legal, regulatory and ethical requirements
  7. the current and emerging social concerns and the impact of expectations of other organisations
  8. the culture and values of your organisation and how they affect corporate governance
  9. the policies and procedures that ensure relevant people and processes comply with business requirements
  10. the processes for maintaining effective and sustainable policies and procedures
  11. how people fail to meet compliance requirements and the risk of this happening
  12. how to deal with people and processes that do not meet compliance requirements
  13. how to give and receive feedback about ensuring compliance to support improvement


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