Provide training for improvement in food and drink operations

Business Sectors (Suites): Achieving Food Manufacturing Excellence
Developed by: Improve
Approved on: 31 Dec 2021


This standard is about the skills and knowledge needed for you to design, deliver and evaluate training to support your organisation's drive to improve food and drink operations. Training of individuals within teams and the organisation is integral to increasing productivity and success of manufacture, processing and supply within the food and drink supply chain. Good training is important where the implementation of change, improvement, new practice, targets and a performance driven culture creates challenges for individuals and the dynamic of teams.

You will need to show and understand how you can prepare, deliver and evaluate training to support improvement plans within your organisation. It involves delivering training to support the training needs of the organisation, teams and individuals across areas of the business. You will need to know what the strategy, objectives and timelines are for improvement in your organisation.

This standard is for you if you provide training for improvement working in food and drink operations including manufacturing, processing, packing or supply chain activities. You may have responsibilities for aspects of organisational improvement in a training and development, team leadership or management role.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Prepare and design training to support improvement 

1. identify the training outcomes needed to support improvement in accordance with the improvement plan 
2. identify the practical requirements and resources needed to implement specific training programmes in accordance with the improvement plan 
3. develop training programmes that support the identified training needs to support the improvement plan 

Deliver training to support improvement 

4. organise training solutions to meet business needs for improvement in the improvement plan 
5. deliver effective training to agreed outcomes in accordance with the improvement plan 
6. establish an effective and conducive climate to support learning 
7. support learners that experience difficulties during training sessions in accordance with procedures 
8. respond to feedback from learners during the training session in accordance with procedures 

Obtain and provide feedback about training 

9. evaluate the success of the training, including the impact this has had on the improvement plan 
10. identify what training is still required in order to support the improvement plan 
11. seek feedback with colleagues and learners on the value of the training, including the content and delivery methods 
12. provide feedback on the success and advantages of the training, to the relevant personnel

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. how to work with stakeholders to agree a training plan which supports the business in improvement
  2. how to identify the costs and benefits of training options to best meet training needs
  3. implications for training design of organisational factors, including culture and learner's characteristics
  4. the use of formal and informal learning and training methods and appropriate training materials to meet the needs of the organisation
  5. how to establish a climate conducive to learning
  6. how to ensure training is fair, accessible and delivered in a timely way to support an improvement culture
  7. how to plan training events that respond to the organisation's improvement needs
  8. how to identify and deal with difficulties experienced by learners in different types of training
  9. evaluation models, approaches and methods and their application to different kinds of training events
  10. how to work collaboratively to monitor, evaluate and continuously improve training events


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Food Production Operatives, Manufacturing Technologies, Plant and Machine Operatives, Process Operatives, Process, Plant and Machine Operatives

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