Identify learning and skills needs for improvement in food and drink operations

Business Sectors (Suites): Achieving Food Manufacturing Excellence
Developed by: Improve
Approved on: 31 Dec 2021


This standard is about the skills and knowledge needed for you to identify learning and skills needs to support your organisation's drive to improve food and drink operations. Training and development of the individual, team and organisation is integral to increasing productivity and success of manufacture, processing and supply within the food and drink supply chain. The skills needs could apply to individuals, smaller teams or the whole organisation. The training needs and gaps could be very specific practical or knowledge gaps or could have a much broader scope.

You need to show and understand how you can review training needs and resources. You will show and understand that you can assess and identify skills and knowledge gaps important to driving improvement in your organisation. You will also need to address these skills needs, helping choose specific learning programmes to meet identified needs. This standard is for you if you identify learning and skills needs for improvement working in food and drink operations including manufacturing, processing, packing or supply chain activities. You may have responsibilities for aspects of organisational improvement in a team leadership or management role.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Review the current training needs 

1. identify and assess how learning and development contributes to improvement in your organisation 
2. collect information on the existing skills levels across your organisation including individual skills in accordance with procedures 
3. determine the resources available to carry out learning and development in your organisation 
4. evaluate how the future identified training needs may impact on your organisation's ability to achieve its improvement objectives in accordance with the improvement plan 

Identify and develop training needs to support improvement 

5. identify the training needs process, provide relevant information and include individual assessments to help determine individual learning needs and styles 
6. identify learning opportunities inside and outside your organisation in accordance with procedures 
7. assess how current skills could be shared between individuals and across the organisation 
8. encourage individuals within your organisation to engage with the training needs identification process in accordance with procedures 
9. provide individual assessments for the workforce to determine current levels of skills and knowledge in accordance with procedures 
10. assist in choosing training and individual learning and development programmes to meet identified needs in accordance with the improvement plan 
11. evaluate the outcomes of specific learning and development programmes to determine how they will meet identified needs in accordance with the improvement plan

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. your organisation's improvement vision, strategy and objectives
  2. the importance of learning and skills in delivering improvement objectives
  3. how to identify and respond to factors within an organisation that drive learning needs
  4. how to identify factors that could influence which learning programmes individuals choose
  5. why equality, diversity and access to learning and assessment are important influences in the identification and planning of learning and development
  6. why the needs of the individual including initial assessment, learning styles, learner's needs and the language used in information you provide are important
  7. why it is important to promote and explain learning programmes to individuals
  8. how to use appropriate interviewing, questioning and review techniques to gather the information needed to identify training needs
  9. how to identify individual learning needs and styles using appropriate types of initial assessment
  10. what responses and objections to training and development you are likely to get and how to deal with these
  11. why it is important to have appropriate quality control and quality assurance systems in place when delivering learning and development
  12. the importance of feedback to individuals, the workforce and other relevant people about the performance of training programmes


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