Source information technology systems in a food and drink business

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This standard is about the skills and knowledge needed for you to source information technology (IT) systems in a food and drink business. IT systems are financially expensive and can require a large amount of technical support to keep them maintained. Sourcing an IT system that supports a businesses day to day needs is essential to the operation of a food and drink business. You will need the skills and knowledge to locate IT suppliers and determine their suitability in delivering IT equipment and a back up service that meets the needs of each department within your organisation. This standard is for you if you work in food and drink manufacture and/or supply operations and are involved in sourcing IT in a food and drink business.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Determine the food and drink business requirements for


  1. identify the current and future business requirements for IT

    equipment and IT support systems

  2. check the requirements are in line with the business strategy,

    development and financial plans

  3. liaise with colleagues across the business to confirm these


  4. summarise your findings and report to relevant people

    Locate an IT supplier

  5. source equipment in accordance with organisational requirements

  6. research the identification of information technology suppliers

  7. gather formal and informal information relating to the suppliers

  8. check the suppliers adhere to regulatory and organisational

    requirements relating to compliance

  9. determine the financial implications and benefits to the business

    of IT equipment from different suppliers and compare them

  10. review the support systems offered for the purchasing and

    maintenance of IT equipment and systems

  11. construct a short list of suppliers and liaise with colleagues to

    determine a preferred supplier

    Confirm a supplier of IT

  12. negotiate with a supplier to the best advantage of the food and

    drink business

  13. agree contractual arrangements

  14. record details of any agreements and contracts made with an IT


Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. how to locate the organisational strategy, policies and

    development plans relating to sourcing IT and why it is important

    to follow them

    1. why it is important to adhere to the organisational social, ethical

    and environmental policies and how to do this

    1. what the current and future requirements are for the IT equipment

    including IT support systems and how to determine them

    1. how to locate IT suppliers using existing organisational systems

    and records and innovative, external sources of information

    1. why it is important to gather informal information relating to

    specific suppliers and how to do this

    1. why it is important to check a supplier conforms to regulatory

    compliance requirements

    1. what the benefits and challenges are of liaising with colleagues in

    determining IT requirements for a food and drink business

    1. the different types of contract available for the purchasing,

    leasing, maintenance and user support of IT systems

    1. why it is important to adhere to the organisational requirements

    for the obtaining of quotes from suppliers

    1. how to summarise and present quotes for an IT system, adhering

    to organisational requirements

    1. how to use the information relating to IT suppliers to help inform

    decision making

    1. the organisational methods of communication and information

    technology available in your organisation and how to make best

    use of them

    1. how to negotiate a contract to the best advantage of the food and

    drink business

    1. why it is important to adhere to organisational requirements

    relating to your conduct and behaviours when dealing with

    external contacts

    1. what the organisational and requirements are for the confirming

    and recording of contracts and agreements in a food and drink



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