Check food safety management procedures (poultry cutting plants)

Business Sectors (Suites): Meat and Poultry Processing
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Approved on: 01 Jan 2019


This standard is about the skills and knowledge needed for you to check food safety management procedures (FSMP) in poultry cutting plants. Checking FSMP in poultry cutting plants is important to the production of a final product that meets organisational and regulatory requirements. This standard applies to those who are involved in monitoring of FSMP in poultry cutting plants. You will need to be able to: • Verify the business Food Safety Management Procedures • Detect and deal with issues of non-compliance under organisational Food Safety Management Procedures • Check in support of Official Veterinary audit This standard is for you if you work in food manufacture and/or supply operations and are involved in checking food safety management procedures in poultry cutting plants.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Check hygiene, reception, storage, cutting and packing of

poultry meat

  1. check that the reception of carcasses and poultry meat into

    cutting and packing plants is carried out in a hygienic manner

    according to organisational FSMP requirements

  2. check that the pre-boning inspection of meat entering cutting

    premises and final product compliance of meat leaving cutting

    premises is carried out

  3. check that the room and product temperatures are in accordance

    with organisational FSMP

  4. check that wrapping and packaging of poultry carcasses, poultry

    meat and poultry meat products conform to the standards of

    organisational FSMP

  5. check that the handling, removal and storage of edible offal and

    by-products is carried out according to organisational FSMP

  6. identify any non-compliance and take the appropriate action

    Check the maintenance and management of hygiene of the


  7. monitor and check structural aspects, equipment, products and

    staff in accordance with food safety

    Ensure identification marking is carried out

  8. check that correct identification marking materials are being used

    appropriately as determined by regulations

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the temperature control requirements of organisational FSMP

    1. the food safety requirements for the reception of carcasses and

    poultry meat into cutting plants

    1. methods of checking carcasses prior to boning and methods of

    checking final product for bone splinters and blood clots

    1. the possible contaminants and factors affecting food safety that

    relate to the cutting processing and packaging of poultry meat and


    1. the standards of cleanliness required in poultry and cutting plants

    2. the defined procedures for the wearing of protective clothing for

    specific operations in plants and their conformance with current

    legislative requirements

    1. organisational FSMP for the sterilisation of knives and knife


    1. the action to be taken following contamination of carcasses and

    cuts of poultry meat

    1. problems involving the fabric of premises which might cause

    product contamination

    1. signs of ineffective pest control in premises

    2. the procedures and requirements involved in the maintenance of

    adequate separation of "clean" and "dirty" sides of the premises

    1. organisational FSMP for the handling, storage and despatch of

    waste materials for poultry plants

    1. the standards of hygiene required by current regulations and the

    action to be taken when deficiencies are encountered

    1. the protective measures necessary to protect the product from

    foreign body contamination in poultry plants

    1. identification marking requirements

    2. what constitutes non-compliance under the terms of

    organisational FSMP

    1. the appropriate action to be taken when non-compliance against

    the organisational FSMP


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