Carry out pre-slaughter inspection activities (red meat)

Business Sectors (Suites): Meat and Poultry Processing
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Approved on: 01 Jan 2019


This standard is about the skills and knowledge needed for you to carry out pre-slaughter inspection activities in red meat. Carrying out preslaughter inspection activities is important to the maintenance of red meat species welfare and the production of a final product that meets organisational and regulatory requirements. This standard applies specifically to work activities in relation to the provision of assistance to the Official Veterinarian. You will need to be able to: • Be properly equipped and attired to carry out the inspections • Carry out inspections of the carcass and offals of each designated red meat species • Follow the procedures for detention, partial rejection and total rejection of carcasses and offal • Make a range of judgements with regard to specific conditions and carry out any further designated action relevant red meat species involved • Record and report reasons for rejections This standard is for you if you work in food manufacture and/or supply operations and are involved in carrying out pre-slaughter inspection activities (red meat).

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Prepare to carry out post-mortem health inspections

  1. wear and use personal protective equipment required when

    carrying out pre-slaughter inspection activities in accordance with

    regulatory standards and organisational requirements

  2. check availability and cleanliness of equipment and work area

  3. access regulatory and organisational specifications and standard

    operating procedures

    Undertake inspections

  4. recognise normal and abnormal red meat species and take

    appropriate action in accordance with organisational requirements

  5. carry out inspections of uneviscerated red meat species in

    accordance with regulatory and organisational requirements

  6. carry out inspections of carcasses, cavity inspections and viscera

    and other specified by-products according to organisational and

    regulatory requirements

  7. check that the carcasses of red meat and offal unfit for human

    consumption are rejected and removed appropriately from the

    edible processing operation

  8. collect and initiate communication of inspection results to the

    relevant people

  9. make judgements on the fitness or unfitness for human

    consumption of the carcasses and offal of the red meat presented

    for inspection

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the correct personal protective equipment and the equipment and

    facilities to carry out the appropriate inspections

    1. the required form of presentation for carcasses and offal for


    1. the method of inspection as required by the relevant regulation/s

    2. what is abnormal red meat and its significance

    3. the basic principles of red meat species diseases including

    zoonotic and notifiable diseases

    1. the procedures for detention, partial rejection and total rejection of

    carcasses and offal

    1. the importance of, the purpose of and the method of reporting and

    recording the reasons for rejections of carcass meat and offal


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