Monitor the recovery of meat and poultry processing by-products

Business Sectors (Suites): Meat and Poultry Processing
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Approved on: 01 Jan 2019


This standard is about the skills and knowledge needed for you to monitor the recovery of processing by-products in food manufacture and/or supply operations. Monitoring the recovery of processing byproducts is important to the maintaining the flow of production, it is also important to the maximisation of profit from meat or poultry carcasses. You will need to be able to monitor the recovery by-products during the sorting and processing stages, ensuring quality; yield and pace of production are maintained according to organisational specifications. This standard is for you if you work in food manufacture and/or supply operations and are involved in the monitoring of the recovery of animal processing by-products.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Monitor preparation by-products processing and sorting

work area

  1. wear and use personal protective equipment required while

    carrying out monitoring in accordance with regulatory standards

    and organisational requirements

  2. monitor availability and cleanliness of equipment, work area,

    facilities and resources in offal and/or by-products work areas

  3. liaise with relevant people to check availability of by-products for

    sorting and processing

  4. address problems within limits of your responsibility

    Monitor processing and sorting of offal or by-products

  5. monitor quality and yield of by-products requiring sorting and

    processing, address problems with relevant people

  6. monitor pace of sorting and processing and address problems to

    maintain pace of processing

  7. monitor sorted and processed by-products against quality and

    yield organisational specifications

  8. address product quality and yield specification problems within

    limits of your responsibility and refer to relevant person if problem

    outside your responsibility

  9. confirm storage facilities are sufficient to maintain pace of sorting

    and processing

  10. check staining is carried out to organisational and regulatory


  11. work within the limits of your responsibility

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the definition of specified risk material and its importance in the

    production of meat and poultry fit for human consumption

    1. the regulations and methods relating to the safe disposal of

    specified risk material

    1. the definition of category 1, 2 and 3 by-products

    2. health hazards associated with the meat and poultry processing


    1. the main red offal and green offal and by-products from meat and


    1. why it is important to maximise the recovery of animal by-products

    from meat and poultry carcasses

    1. how to maximise recovery of animal processing by-products from

    each stage of the production process

    1. the relative economic value of the main by-products from animal


    1. the key features of natural casings production

    2. the commercial markets for animal by-products

    3. the key nutritional value of edible by-products

    4. the key features of hide and skin handling prior to processing


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01 Jan 2024





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Manufacturing Technologies, Plant and Machine Operatives, Process Operatives, Process, Plant and Machine Operatives

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Meat; Poultry; Recovery; Offal; By products; Carcass; Food; Drink