Monitor bleeding for kosher meat

Business Sectors (Suites): Meat and Poultry Processing
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Approved on: 01 Jan 2019


This standard is about the skills and knowledge you need to monitor bleeding operations for Kosher meat. This job must be done by experienced people with provisional or full licences. The job is tightly controlled by Halachic laws that define methods of bleeding in accordance with Jewish Law. The task is important to the industry because the way it is done affects the condition of the meat and whether it is suitable for human consumption and complies with regulations governing the Kashrut (fitness for purpose) of meat. If you do this work you need special skills so that the meat produced meets quality specifications as stipulated by the Rabbinical authority which will certify that the product is Kosher. This standard is recommended for you if you have responsibility for supporting production operations in food processing.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Ensure uninterrupted bleeding out following slaughter

  1. check that equipment is ready to carry out bleeding effectively

  2. move carcass to the right place at the bleeding point to carry out

    bleeding effectively

  3. check that tools and equipment meet food safety requirements

    and follow procedures to deal with any problems

  4. check facilities for holding animals or birds planned for bleeding

    and follow procedures to deal with any problems

    Bleed animals or birds

  5. move the animal or bird into position for bleeding in accordance

    with organisational requirements

  6. use the tools and methods for bleeding safely and effectively

  7. follow procedures and legal requirements to maintain food safety

    during bleeding

  8. check the time for bleeding as directed by the certifying

    Rabbinical authority

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. why animals and birds are bled before human consumption

    1. the principles of bleeding animals and birds

    2. the blood vessels involved in the bleeding of animals or birds

    3. the methods of cutting & porging blood vessels nerves and fats for

    Kosher meat

    1. the methods of soaking animals or birds

    2. the methods of salting, resting and rinsing

    3. how to maintain materials and equipment for bleeding and

    koshering to ensure they are effective, safe and meet the required

    religious and hygiene standards

    1. why hygiene is important in bleeding

    2. the legislation relating bleeding

    3. the workplace controls involved in bleeding

    4. how to maintain the security and integrity of Kashrut seals on

    kosher meat


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