Display meat or poultry for sale

Business Sectors (Suites): Meat and Poultry Processing
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Approved on: 01 Jan 2019


This standard is about the skills and knowledge needed for you to display meat or poultry for sale in food manufacture and/or supply operations. Displaying meat for sale is important in influencing the purchasing decisions made by retail or wholesale customers. Effective displays make the products more attractive to customers, enhance sales and help to minimise the loss of quality during display. You will need to be able to prepare display areas and meat or poultry products for display. You must also be able to label and display the meat or poultry products effectively and maintain the display. This standard is for you if you work in food manufacture and/or supply and are involved in the displaying of meat or poultry products for sale.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Preparing to display meat or poultry

  1. prepare to display meat or poultry in accordance with

    organisational standards

  2. wear and use personal protective equipment in accordance with

    regulatory standards and organisational requirements

  3. check the display area, equipment and accessories are clean and

    operating in accordance with organisational requirements

  4. review the meat products available for display, estimate the

    quantities required and select those products which are most

    suitable with regard to shelf life, demand, appeal and promotional


  5. assemble meat or poultry products and additional materials and

    prepare them for use

    Display and label meat or poultry

  6. display the meat and meat products to ensure maximum appeal

    and to comply with both food quality and food safety

  7. prepare labels according to regulatory and organisational


  8. position product labels in accordance with organisational


  9. check that labels are legible and visible to customers and are

    securely positioned in accordance with organisational


  10. check food safety requirements for displayed meat or poultry

    products are met

    Maintain display of meat or poultry

  11. monitor display and promptly replace meat or poultry products

    adhering to organisational stock rotation, food safety and display


  12. reposition and reorganise the remaining products to maintain

    display where replacement product is not available

  13. carry out emergency cleaning procedures promptly when required

  14. monitor and record temperature of display equipment and take

    prompt action when needed

    Empty and clean display equipment

  15. withdraw products from the display according to instructions and

    store in accordance with organisational standards

  16. remove and dispose of used ice in accordance with organisational


  17. identify and select the appropriate cleaning materials for display

    equipment and accessories

  18. clean display surfaces, equipment and accessories

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the regulatory and organisational requirements relating to the

    displaying of meat or poultry for sale

    1. food safety and hygiene regulations that affect how meat or

    poultry products may be displayed and what might happen if they

    are not adhered to

    1. why raw and ready to eat products should be displayed separately

    2. how to rotate stock effectively to minimise waste

    3. how to best utilise stock to maximise sales and minimise waste

    4. factors affecting which products are displayed (seasonal,

    promotional, short shelf life)

    1. how to estimate the amount of individual products needed to fill

    the display effectively

    1. the accessories available to enhance the display

    2. the regulatory requirements relating to the labelling of meat and

    meat products

    1. information about potential allergens and other health issues of

    specific products

    1. how to position labels, use correct information and why this is


    1. how to change displays as part of the ongoing monitoring and

    maintenance process

    1. what the appropriate actions are for display equipment or

    accessory failure

    1. how to collect and record any required monitoring data such as

    temperature of product

    1. the procedures for breaking down the display and moving

    products into storage or to waste to maintain quality and safety


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Meat; Poultry; Sale; Retail; Display; Food; Drink