Control a carcass shackling system

Business Sectors (Suites): Meat and Poultry Processing
Developed by: Improve
Approved on: 01 Jan 2019


This standard is about the skills and knowledge needed for you to control a carcass shackling system in food manufacture and/or supply operations. Controlling a shackling system is important to the efficient movement of meat or poultry carcasses around a production facility. It also aids operatives at each stage of the production process to carry out each task more efficiently, effectively and with less manual handling of the carcass. You will need to be able to operate a carcass shackling system ensuring regulatory and organisational health and safety and production requirements are adhered to. You must also know and understand the importance of the correct use of shackling equipment. This standard is for you if you work in food manufacture and/or supply operations and are involved in controlling a carcass shackling system.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Prepare to control carcass shackling system

  1. prepare to control a carcass shackling system in accordance with

    organisational standards

  2. wear and use personal protective equipment when carrying out

    carcass shackling in accordance regulatory standards and

    organisational requirements

  3. check availability of shackling equipment

  4. check equipment is in working order

  5. check the working area is clear of colleagues and equipment

  6. shackle carcass or part carcass

  7. check carcass is shackled safely

  8. return shackling equipment to storage area

  9. make carcass available to next stage in production process

  10. work within the limits of your responsibility and refer problems to

    the relevant people

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the organisational and regulatory procedures that must be

    adhered to when operating a carcass shackling system

    1. the specific health and safety standards to be adhered to when

    using a carcass shackling system

    1. the personal protective equipment required when operating a

    carcass shackling system

    1. why it is important to ensure the work area is clear when

    operating a carcass shackling system

    1. why animal carcasses are shackled

    2. the key features of a carcass shackling system

    3. how carcass shackling systems can differ

    4. the advantages and disadvantages of carcass shackling systems

    5. the advantages and disadvantages of manual carcass handling


    1. how to check the carcass shackling system is operating correctly


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Meat; Poultry; Carcass; Shackling; Food; Drink; Health; Safety